Smoldering hatred
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 1/23/15 2:21 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
I've noticed that for reasons that elude me...some people get MORE consumed with hatred in their later years. It's taken this long for me to notice that I'm 67 and counting. The assumption is that people "mellow" later in life - I think that's where I'm at and actually like myself for it! Probably TWO personality types: The (thankfully common) personality where one "cools off" with time. Like if you're pissed off at someone, you're cool an hour or a day later. But I HAVE seen people (young OR old) who get pissed...and then the next day I see them again and they are MORE pissed over some minor perceived sling or they've been STEWING over in the interim! MAN - that's way unhealthy! Maybe it's somehow steeped in low self-esteem and need to always blame others for one's own failings. Just don't know...but it's SICK, pathetic, self-consuming SICK! I've also found that you just can't talk a person out of that attitude. They actually ENJOY hating on some level?

Editor's Note: My dad was pretty humorous and apparently carefree up until he reached the age of 50, then, I believe, deep depression set in...interesting side note- I told both sisters about dad's Cape Cod hate spew, both didn't believe it (like I was lying?)

# 2. 1/23/15 1:09 PM by Nick
Listening to someone for five hours about how they hate somebody is almost torture, especially if you're fond of the targeted individual. And making matters worse you were pretty much trapped in the car with him, it's not like you were having lunch together where you could have cut it short and left. Simmering hatred is never good. We all have people we dislike and most of us just avoid those particular people, family members included. (I speak from personal experience)

Editor's Note: There was no way he could avoid her, she was at the house every single day, and it was very upsetting

# 3. 1/23/15 1:30 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
That's interesting...I have noted that friends who suffer depression are also MUCH more likely to exhibit smoldering rage...often over perceived slights that seem overanalyzed and even paranoid. And there's just no talking them out of they WANT to be mad? My mom used to joke that criticism flowed off me "like water off a duck's back." So the nuns incessantly yelling at me, etc. just didn't register at all (which then of course generated RAGE in them!) I always felt I was lucky that way... I also have enjoyed a (healthy) perspective to not take anyone (INCLUDING MYSELF) too seriously. If management were to ask me to list my shortcomings...I'd ask for several sheets of paper! We are all imperfect - and that's OK!

Editor's Note: All that u have said above I already sensed about u in prior comments, that is why I made u the star of my western story, I figgered u had the disposition to handle it.

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