Never ending idiots
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 1/10/15 3:06 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed this column. Although I have the utmost respect for EMT's and drivers too, they are not exempt from the 10% rule. 10% of every profession has some idiots, without a clue. Actually lawyers and politicians have doubled down on the 10%, and keep adding more idiots...

The ambulance "chasers", who drive the good EMTs and drivers "nuts"...

Editor's Note: the 10 percent rule applied across the board in this situation from drivers to x-ray technicians and just about everyone else. Thanks for liking my column.

# 2. 1/10/15 11:17 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Hah! I broke my (left) wrist BADLY falling off a ladder. Fortunately, the bone doctor was good and he asked if I wanted to be knocked out to set it. I said, "I'd like to watch." (Hey, I'm a scientist and just can't contain my curiosity.) He puts this fascinating thing on my fingers that looks exactly like 5 metal mesh Chinese finger puzzles that slip over and tighten their grip when pulled. These are attached (honest) to a come-along ratchet thingy that pulls all 5 fingers simultaneously sort of spread out and my elbow is strapped to ground on the other side. So he has the nurse cranking on that as he manipulates my wrist HARD to coax the bone frags into approx the right places. He is getting discouraged and I ask, "would it help if I pull my arm HARD from the shoulder?" He says, "Yes indeed - I'm game if you are!" So I do that and pop-pop-pop and he's happy. More X-rays and another round of that and he's happy with the results. I get sent home with instructions to "call if your hand turns purple." It swelled up to the size of a boxing glove. After the healing and a lot of dedicated physical hand works FINE and doesn't hurt at all! Someday I'll describe how I completely ruptured my quads on my left leg and my knee swelled up to the size of a cantaloupe... They fixed that with surgery and much physical therapy. To this day I do 1200 leg lifts every 2nd day and the tread mill for a half-hour every day. The leg works fine. Tom

Editor's Note: Tom, u and i need to stay away from ladders, somewhat unrelated broke my leg skiing, while playing hooky from work!! Oh man, got in big trouble.

# 3. 1/11/15 4:55 PM by 104
Nowadays they try to sue the manufacturer and the seller if someone is injured falling from a ladder. Why not just go right to the source and sue God? I read an article about lending tools and other stuff to folks and they stressed not to lend ladders to anybody. If they fall off they will sue the owner of the ladder as a matter of routine. It seems that it is the responsibility of the ladder's owner to evaluate and judge whether someone is even competent enough to use a ladder properly. When you try to be a nice guy you usually end up getting screwed. I especially liked the part of your story about the FD "cutting" you from the "wreckage" of your ladder. I know that probably made it less painful for you though. Did insurance replace the ladder? Was it even your ladder? Did they use "Jaws of Life" too? A guy that used to work for me fell off his ladder at a 2 story colonial. It knocked the wind out of him for a couple of minutes but everything fortunately was okay. His wife thought he was dead and he swears she seemed disappointed he was OK. He was under attack by a pit bee and was in the process of taking evasive actions when he lost balance. I have a pre-planned procedure if under attack by any stinging insect while driving. Let it sting me. Better than losing control of the vehicle. It is in my Standard Operating Procedures Manual. Hey, expect the unexpected... P.S. - Oh shoot, I forgot what I was gonna say. Oh, hold on a second. I just remembered. You are right. you CANNOT make this kind of stuff up. Oh, another thing - you also seem to be addicted to swearing. I am too, but I am working on it. One place I worked at had demerits for swearing. If you swore you had to buy everybody a Coke. Now that's what I do here whenever I catch myself swearing. I buy myself a Coke as I am the only one here. Works good though. Cut my swearing back a lot, as I cannot afford all those Cokes. No more time for swearing. Always drinking Cokes.

Editor's Note: My ladder? Yes. Insurance cover it? Never tried it. Jaws of life? Don't think so. !^*&*&!ing swearing? F bomb always more powerful then the seven billion other words, but i shall stop. Now, in 1957 Dad fell out of a cherry tree ladder..massive injuries, out of work for 6 months...i find out LAST YEAR that my aunt quietly paid the bills during that time. Amazing

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