My Dad and Marie Osmond
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 1/2/15 7:15 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
I think it's a healthy guy thing. Marie has the advantage that being Mormon, she is far less likely to succumb to the "Hollywood" persona, affectations, prejudices, addictions and problems...because she has a moral compass that most people lack. When I played drums with Rock and Show Bands (in my 20s!), we actually played a gig at a Mormon annual celebration. One of their senior guys scouted the local clubs and liked us. I don't remember the nature of the event other than that it was a big deal for them and they selected us because we were versatile and experienced compared with the other myriad local bands, read music and played all styles. Our background was also all military, which they respected. What I DO recall was how well-coordinated was the celebration and how Mormons encourage that and dancing etc., unlike some other structured religions. They also didn't negatively judge us, even though we smoked, drank and womanized...all such behaviors considered inappropriate in their faith. So I really got to know and LIKE Mormons! Although many others negatively judge them, they DON'T take it upon themselves to judge others. Anyway, back on point - I fall in love with nearly every woman I meet...especially the personable ones! Maybe it's a guy thing; maybe it's a band thing... Tom

Editor's Note: I fall in love about 8 times a day, but it's never the flashy gorgeous blonde, just usually someone with a comfortable low key sexuality. Quick! The ice bucket!!

# 2. 1/2/15 10:01 AM by 104
Her lips look like they are on upside down. Mormons are against alcohol and coffee, but plastic surgery is okay?

Editor's Note: Yes,you are absolutely right about the lips, but I think no alcohol and drugs keeps her looking young, no?

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