Uncle John and the dadgum squirrels
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 12/6/14 11:06 AM by BF
I thought about setting little pikes around our bird feeder, then impale little squirrelly heads on them, but my ex disapproved.

Editor's Note: how brutal, so so nasty

# 2. 5/29/15 8:03 AM by BF
So this is where you get it:

"They also respected the human dignity of everyone. It didn’t matter if you were a Queen or a coal miner, a president or a pauper. All were treated the same."

Editor's Note: To be totally honest...yes....thanks

# 3. 5/29/15 1:24 PM by Rick G.
I used to trap them and release them away from our house. I heard they have a 6 mile "return" radius, so I made sure I took them beyond that. i've forgotten the exact number, but i trapped well over thirty squirrels. Bottom line: It's pointless to try. I've learned to live with them.

As an aside, my daughter gave me a plastic horse head that gets hung over a branch. The snout gets filled with peanut butter or some other squirrel attractant. When the squirrels stand on their hind legs, with their head up inside the horse head, well, you can imagine how that would look.

I need a day when i can sit, with a camera, and wait for the hilarity to ensue.

Editor's Note: Mom and Dad had a flat bird feeder that was next to the kitchen picture window. We would watch a gorgeous cardinal feed, then wham! Squirrel would make a crazed entrance. End result, squirrels got 90%, birds 10.

# 4. 5/29/15 9:04 PM by Mk
Another fun read. Thank you. I second BF's column

Editor's Note: Thanks once again, love writing this stuff

# 5. 5/29/15 9:06 PM by Mk
thumbsup.gif I inadvertently hit the enter comments selection on my tablet when trying to edit my words. I meant to say "BF's comment" not column.

Editor's Note: Got it, thanks

# 6. 5/31/15 11:22 PM by BF
More hilarity of nature: watching a bunch of hummingbirds gang up on a starling and chase it out of sight.

Editor's Note: This happened at ur place?

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