My son and the Duke porn queen
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 11/26/14 12:36 AM by 104
I was teased and manipulated (and almost raped during a short break) by an honest to goodness supermodel once at a show she was hired to be a spokesmodel for when I was about 15 or 16. She was Swedish, I believe, and for several years later I recognized her in some of the many magazines she was in. And one time when I was about 19 or 20 and had my own business I returned from lunch one day to find that my business partner had hired a couple of real honest to goodness prostitutes to help with the Christmas rush. Sort of like elves? They were extremely friendly and one of them was surprised that I was so young. She also remarked that I had a "young" face. I bet she told that to all the boys. I told that to my mom and dad that day at dinner, also remarking about how friendly they both were. They looked at each other and gave me the strangest of looks. Well, almost is only good enough in horseshoes, I guess...

Editor's Note: the supermodel waved at me from a car when I was 15 or 16 I would have told all my friends immediately. whatever you went thru trumped that by a billion.

# 2. 11/26/14 2:18 AM by Zjabs
Cool. Though thinking back to my college days...even if nothing happened it wouldn't be for lack of trying on my part (at least in my brain as I'd have all these scenarios where she'd suddenly find me so sexy that she just had to have me....) Heck, if I met her today I'd be thinking the same way- it's just part of being a guy I guess.

Editor's Note: I would have been so intimidated by being with a porn actress, I might have had,ahem, performance issues. I think My son bypassed all that

# 3. 11/26/14 7:57 AM by 104
Some pornography is pure art. Would have been quite an experience to have met her AND Andy Warhol, who said "Art is whatever you can get away with". Given the choice, however, I would have most certainly have hung with the porn star. Even an intellectual conversation would have been stimulating. In more ways than one.

Editor's Note: Seeing as how she goes to Duke, her intellectual conversations are probably up there.

# 4. 11/26/14 8:51 AM by deep water
I'm not sure, if at that age, I would have told my dad "yeah I bonked some girl last night Dad."

Editor's Note: I am not totally sure, but I think he would have told me of bonking, if asked.

# 5. 11/26/14 12:14 PM by Zjabs
Actually, supposedly the nicest person in Hollywood is Ron Jeremy. He apparently keeps his word, will show up for a project if he says he will etc. Rumor is he's so unlike everyone else in Hollywood as he apparently knows and accepts what he is- multiple talk show hosts have mentioned this about him.

Editor's Note: incredible how he could always perform upon demand, and he was in just about every movie

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