Booboo gotta peepee poopoo revisited
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 11/14/14 12:42 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
My wife is like that and it drives me nuts. Nother Pet peeve - visitors who bang on my fish tanks. The fish can see them same as they can see the fish. Damned giant ham-hand knocking on the glass is NOT appreciated by the fish or me. Worse was some kid setting off fire crackers at the zoo. I read him the riot act and his retard mother got mad (at Me!) Screw her...again. The 1st screwing resulted in that spoiled brat she calls her son (of a bee).

Editor's Note: I never saw kids use firecrackers at the zoo, that would drive me nuts. Thanks

# 2. 6/19/15 5:22 AM by little john - mount morris
thumbsup.gif Is this another Mitt Romney joke???

Oh, I read on. and answer myself, again, to the group in my head...

I remember a BooBoo as Yogi Berra's sidekick in the fun house that Ruth built, and the ruthless, still profit...

Editor's Note: Our Boo boo the dog was named after the Boo boo u mention, but honestly, I have no idea why. She wasn't a bear, and she wasn't friends with Yogi. Thanks

# 3. 6/19/15 7:29 PM by BF
I still love this story; it is well worth reposting.

Editor's Note: Thank you!

# 4. 8/14/16 12:08 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
Almost two years later now. That delinquent mama's boy I mentioned is no doubt in prison by now... hopefully awaiting execution.

Editor's Note: what would make a mom think it is ok to have her kid light firecrackers at the zoo? I think they are guided by the principle 'what would the kardashians do?'

# 5. 8/14/16 6:31 AM by lj - mm
thumbsup.gif Thoughts and prayers for Booboo and you...

Sincerely, when I reread the story and my flippant answer, I wondered where my head was at...

Then, sure enough I found it, in that old place???

A Requiem for Booboo, is on my to do list...

Editor's Note: u are so flippant i will call u Flip, as in Wilson..."Here come da judge"

# 6. 8/14/16 8:00 PM by BF
I thought Boo Boo was the little white dog's name. Or was he Buddy?

Editor's Note: the white dog was buddy, yes

# 7. 8/15/16 10:09 AM by 104
Labs a most even tempered breed! Good Dog! Good Dog!

# 8. 8/15/16 2:40 PM by mk
I don't know how you get all your photos, but this new bio photo of LJ is amazing. :)

Editor's Note: simple formula- first, why would i ever put my bio pic when other pics are more fun, second, i think of my poor victim and what i want to say, third, i come up with a google search, like in your case, woman gossiping over back yard fence, then choose the picture that appeals to my seventh grade sense of humor, and finally, coming up with the best caption i can...obviously, i spend a disturbing amount of time on this task

# 9. 8/15/16 5:41 PM by mk
Everyone has gifts. You use yours to make the world a little better and brighter. Thank you.

Editor's Note: Thanks for your kindness!

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