Dad and the woodchucks (and his beloved garden)
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 11/9/14 3:11 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Our labs LOVED hunting chucks in their younger years. We have 16 acres and they would find both entrances - one dog would scoot them in and the other would nab 'em coming out the other end. Most families out here grow veggies, fruits, etc. The deer are the most devastating. Yeah, when you have a good crop...even with a modest's WAY more than a year's worth for one family. But most neighbors grow different favorite stuff so trading evens things out nicely.

Editor's Note: my mother would can tomatoes, so we kept the tomatoes, loved the lab woodchuck story

# 2. 11/9/14 7:25 AM by 104
When you have a garden it pays to maintain a good relationship with your birds, bats, and squirrels. For example, thanks to the squirrels that populate my garden, I have absolutely no nuts at all! Of ANY kind! It is a wonder of modern science that even Monsanto has yet to perfect!

Editor's Note: as for us having nuts, I think my father falls into that category. But you bring up a great point. Thanks

# 3. 11/9/14 6:02 PM by BF
I love woodchuck stories.

Editor's Note: .they live on long after the woodchucks have expired

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