A sea of panties
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 11/6/14 7:46 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
I participated in a panty raid at the U of R when I was a 17-year-old freshman. I didn't really get anything out of it other than perplexed, "What the hell sort of tradition is THIS?!" The guys were pretty obnoxious and didn't really seem to know what they were doing...par for the course. I was pretty arrogant at that stage of my life and perceived (astonished) that nearly all the U or R students were really ignorant retards. Although this school is a (very good!) and expensive institution...it is nevertheless a notch below the true Ivy leagues. In fact, MANY of the students were enrolled there because they didn't make the cut at their "1st choice" MIT, Cornell, etc. I was just a local kid who was going there 'cause it was close, had the curriculum I wanted and near tuition-free 'cause of scholarships. What does one DO with panties tossed from a window?

Editor's Note: We are far away, but my brother went to U of R..he is a very successful guy. As for what to do with panties tossed from a window? I could do 12 volumes. On a disgusting note, I worked in college dining hall-co-worker found disgusting panties on floor and wore them on his head during lunch.

# 2. 11/6/14 9:30 AM by 104
Whenever some Hollywood type is on a talk show and shouts "true story!, true story!" I know for sure 99%+ that what is forthcoming is pure, unadulterated BS. Sometimes I wait to listen to the story, more often than not I switch channels as I have heard the same story from some other "star" already. Don Johnson and the other "Miami Vice" guy were pretty good and I missed very few episodes. I think it was the use of tons of Miami-type tertiary colors by director Michael Mann. Also watched every episode of "Crime Story" by him. Even the corny ones were good. The guys who played Pauli Taglia and Ray Luca were great! David Caruso was extremely young yet and got himself whacked by Ray Luca for stealing some diamonds from a heist. After Luca whacks him, the boss tells Luca to fuggedaboutit and let him live. Never forget the look on Ray Luca's face. It was like "Ohhhh sh*t!".

Editor's Note: I agree with you true story,true story bull!*&!@ claim. I almost never buy into that stuff

# 3. 11/6/14 10:02 AM by Mark - Greece
Two distinct possibilities here. Perhaps, Saks was disposing of outdated inventory. Or, and hopefully not, it was a load of incoming garments at a Chinese laundry that merely got mishandled.

Editor's Note: Now if the Chinese laundry came from Chinese women.....mmmmmm

# 4. 11/6/14 1:44 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
I too wore panties "on my head." This seemed appropriate 'cause they were the open-crotch type.

Editor's Note: Who of men of our age DIDN'T wear panties on our head. In the seventies, I worked in a clothing store- a man came in on a regular basis and bought panties- we could not wait for his arrivals.

# 5. 11/6/14 1:54 PM by Nick - Irondequiot, NY
Miami Vice was overrated. If the story was somehow true they should have kept the panties in whatever scene they were shooting - it would have improved it.

Editor's Note: Trying to think of ANY T V show that featured a thousand panties, can't do it.

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