Hey Gandhi flush the effing toilet
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 11/3/14 2:53 AM by 104
They are too busy and up to their eyeballs in passive resistance. Betcha that Gandhi guy didn't even wipe. Nor did he probably even use a toilet for that matter. Ever smell Indian cuisine?

Editor's Note: Gandhi wiped, but only in non violent ways. Did Indian food once, never again. Thanks!

# 2. 11/3/14 8:05 AM
What other aliases have you used here?

Editor's Note: :)

# 3. 11/3/14 8:15 AM
What kind of answer is a smiley face? Are you in high school?

Editor's Note: Will keep past alias private, was in high school in 68, thanks!

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