Blind date horror-1975
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 11/2/14 7:07 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Decades ago I had exactly the opposite experience and the opposite form of regret: A friend and his wife asked me to dinner with wife's single girl friend..."who is shy and unattached." Well, I'm fine with socializing and a platonic night in or out is harmless. Putting it delicately, friend's wife was around a 1 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being head-turning gorgeous and personable). So my expectations were set to minimum - socialize and that's the beginning and end of it. So I show up with a smile and BLAM - her friend is knock out gorgeous, really really nice...and seemed interested! I was so flabbergasted that my generally OK social skills went out the window and I was reduced to an agog idiot. No witty small talk, no marginally personal chat, no compliment on her appearance and personality, no phone number...just a flustered heap. To this day I can see the whole thing. In context, it was just as well 'cause I was about to fly out to Nam and all. I DID make up for lost opportunity after that, though.

Editor's Note: In my entire life, I was set up with a looker only once- said volumes what my friends thought about me. Toward the late seventies, I refused all set up opportunities, and kept that position for the rest of time. Thanks for the comment.

# 2. 11/2/14 7:27 AM
That all sounds like lots of fun! Also, I will have to write down Tom's "agog idiot" and save it for when it applies.

Editor's Note: Tom's a gog idiot, I'm a Greg idiot. Thanks!

# 3. 11/2/14 10:50 AM by BIFF
She had gray hair??

Editor's Note: yes, biff, a solid head of grey hair, and she was about 23 years old. my god, she was hideous. Thanks

# 4. 11/2/14 11:15 AM by BIFF
Where is she now?

Editor's Note: Biff, u interested in looking her up?

# 5. 11/2/14 1:11 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif The "epitome" of the ultimate last blind date, once came to me, via a friend who was not.

"You got no balls unless you tag along." was what he said.

Taking the challenge, I was introduced to a charming lady, coming off a bad relationship, who's name happened to be "Lorena Bobbitt."

Just a fictional bad memory, but then, that was when "balls was a beach"???

I use that whenever anyone might want to offer up an exercise in matchmaking, right out of the "Exorcist"...

Editor's Note: was Lorena??? Or was fiction??? Bit confused.

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