Mother of all Bomb Presidential press conference questions

Being mostly retired, I can choose when to be home...usually..

And I choose to be home during the time period after 1 pm, because that is when Sean Spicer holds his presidential press conferences.

It is the best TV you have ever seen...he has to explain, with many changes, modifications, deletions, do overs and other junk what the President said, what he really meant, and what the 'losers in the mainstream media' twisted it to be.

Believe me, nothing captured all of the above like the President's tweet about Obama wiretapping (or as Growel says, 'wiretapping' IS NOT wiretapping!!!! Trump tower. Your Maytag washer has not engaged in more spin in a year then Spicer does in a typical presser with regard to Tappin' Obama.

And because our President is STRONG...TOUGH..and a liar, this tweet still lives in the intestinal tract of the entire nation.


Reporters and writers who attend these press conferences compete for Spicer's attention to get their questions answered. Many never get called on.

But one guy did get called on the other ask if the President had a preference for the Rangers or the Capitals in the upcoming hockey playoffs. This is right after the MOAB bomb was dropped in Afghanistan!! I heard this live.



This guy, who I assume reported for some national or international news publication (seems as though he was a Canadian), wasted his presidential question on the subject of hockey?

Have to wonder how things went when he returned to his office and faced his boss.

'So, Bob, what scoop did you get from the press conference?'

'Rangers in six, Tim.'

If I were the boss, I would be giving Bob a one way ticket to barista school.

I think some of us might want to team up with a 'don't be an idiot' guardian angel for such times.

Bob could have used one.

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