President Trump thinks Krell doesn't play enough golf

If there is one thing we know about the President...he plays wayyyy too much golf.

Wait. Wait. I didn't mean the CURRENT president.

I meant the past president.

As we all remember, the current President, as a candidate, blasted President Obama for spending way too much time playing golf. And OH BABY, did the Republicans agree with that opinion.

The PUBS could not take a breath without blasting President Obama for his vacationing/golfing ways.

So, as to keep with the consistency shown by Republicans, and WOTL High Commissioner Growel Bare, all PUBS must maintain total and complete obedient silence when addressing the issue of the current President and his golf habits...which makes Obama look like a beach front mini golfer by comparison.

But the High Commissioner will censure me, again, for daring to mention President Orange Fluffy's expensive golf habits....

we need to spend more investigating....

Susan Rice!

and forget all that collusion non sense.

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