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This morning my musing is going to take on a delicate subject. No, it is not politics. No, it is not the World Series. It is in fact a problem which faces every man, woman and child in the entire world. I do say in the world with tongue in cheek as I realize there are parts of the world where the sears catalog may still have its place.

The subject is toilet tissue. I would say toilet paper but I think that might date me.

Buying toilet tissue has become almost as complicated as choosing the right car. When one approaches the 'paper' isle in the supermarket you are greeted with big rolls, small rolls, double rolls, septic tank friendly rolls, soft rolls, one ply, two ply, four ply and on the search goes.

Does anyone remember when Scott tissue dominated the market? Unfortunately for Scott, while it still may be an ok brand to buy, it has remained what I think is called 'one ply,' thus twice as much is needed.

I ask you, is there anything more frustrating that being perched in the bathroom only to discover there is one, possibly two, pieces of paper remaining? Couple this with living alone as you search the cabinet next to you hoping you might find an 'extra' for just such an emergency. Hmm, wrong again.

Last week I had a coupon for what I thought was going to be a great purchase. According to the package I was buying what was equivalent to twelve double rolls of a much more expensive paper. So far I have used three and did I mention I live alone?

When I replenish the roll of paper I am greeted with a puffy, soft roll of paper which seems to last about fifteen minutes. Couple this with the guilt-ridden ad which tells us we are cutting down millions of trees and ruining the environment just so we are comfortable. It does make me feel one degree better as I recycle the cardboard roll, although I must admit I sometimes wonder about the recycling.

In my mind I picture people sitting somewhere donned with plastic gloves sorting my recyclables. Do they have a bin in which to put just cardboard? Do they notice how many rolls are in the bucket this week? Will I get a notice saying I need to cut my toilet paper usage? Oops I meant to say tissue.

So folks, what is the solution? Anyone know?

Just havin' a little fun this morning. Now lets get on to something important, GO CUBS!!

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