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Often my musings these days seem to center around funerals - as all too often it seems it is how I spend the better part of a day. Since my retirement, I find that if I can, I prefer to attend the service honoring the person. Of course, every service is individual and different as it should be. Sometimes the eulogies are hysterical; often poignant; many times extremely sad. I listen in admiration as some member of the family rises to the occasion, many times smiling as I remember the incident they are recalling. It is no easy task, but one done with determination. I well know this as I, myself, have attempted to honor someone dear to me. 

The other huge player, of course, is the clergy who conducts the service, his/her words of wisdom and comfort. Last week, I attended a catholic service for the Mom of a dear friend of mine. There were a couple of statements made during that service that prompted great thought, so much so that I decided to share with my readers regardless of your religious convictions.

The first thought was after my friend did her eulogy, expressing that when her father died many years ago, her mother had become extremely independent not wanting to interfere in any way with her five children’s lives. So much so, that while her children admired her strength, they often tried to convince her she was not interfering at all. A devout catholic, this woman had made her way alone for over thirty-five years.

Following the eulogy, the Priest began his talk by telling this story. He said that earlier in the week he had dinner with another Priest who related that he was walking across a parking lot when a woman parishioner stopped him, obviously agitated. She said to him,

“Father, I just don’t know what to do. We have no Bishop and now we have no Pope.”

Taken back for a second, the Priest blurted out, “Well then I guess it is just you and God.”

Think about that statement. Just you and God!  

Father then related the powerful statment to the life of the person we were honoring. He then began to talk about your signature in the Book of Life. What would your signature represent? Would it represent that you were famous? Would it represent you were rich? Would it represent your accomplishments in your life? Or would it represent the kind of person and the life that you lead?

He ended his thoughts by asking, What do you want your signature to represent when it is your time to sign the Book of Life?  

Hmmmmmm..........Just musin this morning………..









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