from the Cottage by the Sea.....

All of them!!

Actually there are a couple which jump quickly to mind. In 1976, the 200th birthday of our nation was special as the entire country got into the celebration.

For as long as I can remember, here at the Cottage by the Sea we have had a picnic. Tons of people, tons of food, the bon fire and just a great time. By 1976, I was here summers carrying on a tradition which began in my childhood. That year, as is true every year, everyone was invited - with one stipulation. Come in period dress. It was hysterical lasting of course just long enough for me to oh and ahh as I do not know how the women stood the heat in those beautiful clothes. Of course one of the men improvised arriving in an Indian loin cloth as he was were sure the Indians celebrated in 1776. And then there was a bathing suit to be remembered. It was an outstanding 4th.

A memory of the summer of 1984 the Tall Ships were an outstanding event. By that time, several couples had purchased RV's. Thus, we had several campers parked in the yard for the weekend.

Having heard the ships would be sailing to Rochester during the night, I proceeded to spend most of the night with my nose glued to a window screen peering into darkness not wanting to miss a thing. Sure enough, at about three a.m.,I spied a ship passing ever so quietly on what was a perfect night. Calm waters, moonlit night - and a magnificent ship lights blazing passed directly in front of the cottage.

Since Cottage by the Sea is mine I decided my house rules applied so within seconds I woke everyone up.

Needless to say, most of the group wanted to throw me in the lake hoping perhaps a pirate would take me away. Every one did have to admit later the incident did make for a sensational sunrise breakfast on the beach… of course, a good supply of mimosas may have contributed to their forgiving me.

Life has changed immensely for me at Cottage by the Sea. The group has dwindled to a precious few. I will have my picnic today and some of the fun will be as we reminisce the days gone by.

One thing that has not changed and something that truly pleases me is when I run into the young people who were young children when they came to 4th picnic. Several are now grandparents themselves. They will ask if I am having my picnic and then proceed to tell me their memories of spending the 4th here at the cottage.

And by the way, the answer as to whether I am having is always yes. Rain or shine and you are invited!!!!

We will make a new memory!!

© 2011 Musings by Marilyn - 7/4/13

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