My Pastor said something interesting today. As I sat pondering his words, it occurred to me that I, for what it is worth, would share it with you……the lesson was about inheritance - not a monetary inheritance but rather something special passed from generation to generation. He used the example of our church. We have a new building, but the sanctuary has the pulpit, communion table and rail, a large crucifix and even a window from the old church. His thought, using a biblical story from Kings as the basis, was that no matter how new our building is, our congregation did not want brand new symbols for the church, in fact it was not even a consideration as we wanted what our forefathers passed to us. These symbols being far to  precious to replace as they represent an “inheritance” as such for St. Paul’s.

The story was about Jezebel who,  when a vineyard owner would not give his vineyard to her husband the King because it was his inheritance, orchestrated the vineyard owner to be set-up in a situation where terrible untrue charges were brought against him (her doing) and then as was the custom the man was stoned to death. Of course that is not the end of the story - but the crux.

My reason for sharing is this, he then said….. It is not up to we humans who profess to be Christians, as well as those who question Christianity, to create God (the Trinity) but to get to know him- again the triune God.

I just found this statement thought provoking on this georgous Fall day.

© 2010 Musings by Marilyn - 10/17/10

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