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# 1. 10/29/16 10:43 AM by Rick G.
Before we let our Sam's Club membership run out, my wife bought I don't even know how many bales of their Member's Mark TP. it is by far the best TP for the money.

I have no idea what we'll do when it runs out. I can't go back to Scott's and Charmin is fluffier than my bed pillow.

Editor's Note: Thanks Rick - Did you build a room on to accommodate it?? Anyhow let me know if you need more - I still have my membership. lol.

# 2. 10/29/16 1:01 PM by lj - mm
thumbsup.gif As I use quite a bit of "bathroom tisssue", once called toilet paper, or TP for short, I watch how the dimensions have shrunk as the price goes up...A half inch here, a half inch there, and pretty soon it adds up to a full roll gone missing. I still contend that inflation is the cruelest tax of all and they seem to be scaring the crap out of people, who need to use TP, sorry, "bathroom tissue"...

Maybe the Mob got involved in this waste management cover up also...With one of those offers, you can't refuse, or deny...

Blame it on the Boss-a Nostra...and don't squeeze the Charmin, or else???

Editor's Note: love your comment - and thanks...love that my not being able to find the "extra" roll gave us all a smile... I will never squeeze the charmin -- or if I am foolish enough - I will be looking over my shouldr.

# 3. 10/29/16 1:08 PM by Trump Card - Reality
thumbsup.gif ONE THOUSAND sheets of scratchy goodness - that was Scott. Scott is surely what gave rise and legitimacy to Mr. Whipple (talk about dating ones' self!) TC

Editor's Note: thanks - darn I forgot about Mr. Whipple .. love that you remember.

# 4. 10/29/16 4:22 PM by Mark - Greece
I think it is long overdue to have Cheryl Crow go back on the morning TV circuit. As I recall, she states with confidence that no one needs more than one square for adequate clean-up. There's just 2 of us, but somehow it seems we use more than when we were raising 3 kids. Like cotton candy or popcorn, we are paying an exorbitant price for something that is mostly air now.

Editor's Note: you got it Mark... thanks so much.. I am having smiles today....

# 5. 10/29/16 5:58 PM by Albert1
thumbsup.gif I missed the original width rolls so much that I finally ordered 96 rolls from a whole source. The shipping charge was a shock but worth the satisfaction of beating the shrunken width conspiracy.

Editor's Note: Well Albert - good for you... slip me the site..lol... I would probably need to find an area for the storage.

# 6. 10/29/16 6:21 PM by Marilyn
thumbsup.gif Loving the laughs that are happening.. thanks all.

# 7. 10/29/16 7:51 PM by Jim - Rochester
I needle my son about his secure job. He works for Cascades tissue division (commercial TP, Napkins and such) ALL made with recycled paper

Editor's Note: Are the roll larger?? and yes, gotta say his job is secure... thanks Jim

# 8. 10/30/16 6:20 AM by Nick
Listen, as soon as the roll you're using is down to a quarter of a roll, you HAVE to bring out a new roll, put it on that spool, and place the 1/4 roll nearby. It's the ONLY way to avoid disaster.

Editor's Note: Oh Nick - you are just sooo organized. I am going to take your hint to heart or should I say? Just kidding this morning....

# 9. 10/30/16 7:41 AM by 104
The citizens of India hardly use toilet paper. In fact, they hardly use toilets. The problem of non-use of toilets in India is so rampant that the Indian government has initiated a multi-billion rupee PR campaign to "inform" its citizenry of the benefits of using toilets. Indian cuisine smells kinda gross. The human waste is gotta be ultra-bad!

Editor's Note: Oh dear - that sounds awful, but thanks for the insight, case I ever go there.

# 10. 10/30/16 10:18 AM by 104
Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. And sometimes gross too. Please remember that in my previous comment that I was only the messenger. A friend of mine had his passport stolen while in India. He had to travel to New Delhi to get an expedited replacement. While in a monstrous government building not unlike those of our government's in Washington, DC, he could not help but notice (and smell) the liquid and solid human waste all up and down the cavernous corridors. Even though they had many huge restrooms abundantly and strategically placed all throughout their public buildings. I guess they were sentimentally "attached" to tradition. And this country, like Pakistan and North Korea, has the "bomb"?

Editor's Note: Thanks for clarification 104. Still don't think I will dash off for my trip of a lifetime.

# 11. 10/30/16 11:50 AM by Jim - Rochester
Think 1900 ft would be enough?


Editor's Note: That might do it Jim, thanks

# 12. 10/30/16 12:16 PM by Jim - Rochester
Since you brought it up...... This just showed in my Facebook news feed


Editor's Note: Thanks again

# 13. 10/30/16 3:23 PM by Victor
Re: #9 104, if I ever have the chance to go to India, I'll pass it up.

Editor's Note: Gotta tell you Victor - I feel the same way, not that I was planning a trip shortly.

# 14. 10/31/16 5:00 PM by Mark - Greece
Apparently, India's customs have spread to Washington. There is definitely a foul odor emanating from that city! And this is not intended to be political, as the problem seems to be universal there.

Editor's Note: Hmmm. makes one wonder Mark.. thanks.

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