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# 1. 8/17/15 12:50 PM by Rocky - Penfield n.y.
Holy banana peels Batman, I think I got a headache from reading that story!

Editor's Note: Come on over - I will give you two Excedrin and a cup of coffee....lol..... thanks for your comment

# 2. 8/17/15 1:23 PM by amnesiac
i wondered about keurigs, and I WONDER NO MORE, my God, what a crazy deal working with one of those machines! IS IT REALLLLLY WORTH IT??? I bought a name unremembered coffee maker at walmart for about 12 bucks, small number of cup capability, but SINCE I NEVER HAVE COMPANY, this is not a problem. Works like a charm, never called customer service, never got a coupon emailed, it is at this point that you think I am soooo smart. Well, if u check my lawm mower story, u will see that i am not!

Editor's Note: Ok,, I will be the judge...lol... and thanks for the comment...

# 3. 8/17/15 4:32 PM by Jim - Rochester
2 Suggestions:

Carefully clean a used new fancy pod with the special rim, and dump the coffee from an old pod in it, then reuse all those old pods.

Less fancy, but just as practical get one of these -- no fuss, no muss, just add a filter, then coffee and dump boiling water over it


Editor's Note: Hey Jim... thank you...shall give it a try.

# 4. 8/17/15 10:49 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
The Kirby guy showed up at our house with a $2000 vacuum cleaner. I chased him away but told him that Mailyn has some coffee grounds that need tending to. Just keep in mind that the old Kirby bags don't fit the Kirby 2.0.

Editor's Note: I shall be forever be in your debt....lol.... thanks Tom

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