The Book of Life...and Random Thoughts
by Musings by Marilyn

# 1. 3/12/13 2:53 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
My signature: One who is there to do the hard things when called upon, sometimes even when not called upon.

As a side note, it was amusing to read the advice of that priest to the parishioner. If the Catholic Church just stuck to that simple ("just you and God") formula, perhaps they wouldn't be losing members in droves.

Editor's Note: That is a great signature - and I think all churches could use some of that formula,, thanks Nick.

# 2. 3/12/13 5:31 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed your column and the respectful and reflective thoughts... I am not good for eulogies, but there are sometimes a few words that can help to heal the sorrow and grief... The poem "The Dash" comes to mind by Linda Ellis I believe...

Anyway. Thank you for the nice read...

Editor's Note: They happenend to use The Dash - at this same funeral. Thanks John

# 3. 3/12/13 7:46 PM by mk
Yes! There is something holy and sanctifying in attending a final service for another human being. I don't know what my signature would represent. That's a very good question to consider.

Editor's Note: I thought it pretty thought provoking, thanks MK

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