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# 1. 4/24/11 10:04 AM by Cameron L. De Vries - Shanghai, China
I try to imagine, yet the depth and breadth of the miracles that happened from Gethsemane to Calvary to the empty tomb are beyond my ability to fully understand. My gratitude continues to grow as I study, learn, and better comprehend not only the miracles but also the great and perfect love that motivated such sacrifice and suffering for us.

Today has been a great day from church services to a daughter's birthday and choice time spent with friends visiting from the States.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Editor's Note: thank you

# 2. 4/25/11 2:54 AM by Michael - Las Vegas
How sad they must have been on Saturday. Their friend and teacher gone, taken so cruelly.

How astounded they must have been on Sunday, to see, hear, and touch one they had supposed was gone forever. No wonder they went out and told the world what had happened. News this good can't be kept to oneself.

Editor's Note: I could not agree more. thanks Michael.

# 3. 4/25/11 11:17 AM by karol
thumbsup.gif I liked your piece. Not one of us can comprehend those days of sorrow, but it did happen and we believe. The nailing on the cross was so cruel

Editor's Note: I know... the nailing on the cross was common in those days -- for all crimes, but to think what one endured... unbelievable Karol.

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