uniformity, conformity, and obedience of mass media


ACTION ALERT: Visit CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, CBC News FB Pages, etc. & Post The Following:

“Any dictator would admire the uniformity, conformity, and obedience of mass media” – Chomsky

'The corporate grip on opinion is one of the wonders of the Western World. Eliminating so entirely from its media all objectivity - much less dissent.” --Gore Vidal

“People are sheep. TV is the shepherd.” ? Jess C. Scott, Literary Heroin (Gluttony): A Twilight Parody

“All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values” - Marshall McLuhan

“He who controls the past, controls the present, and the present, the future” -George Orwell

“The media's the most powerful entity on earth…because they control the minds of the masses.” - Malcolm X



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