How They -JUSTIFY- their Moral Turpitude and Depraved Indifference




The epitome of moral turpitude with depraved indifference...


How an SS super shrewd lawyer
and slippery politician can


psychologically cruel and inhumane treatment
of a mentally disabled veteran
who volunteered as an 'unpaid' advocate
for veterans who fell through the cracks
of the sadistically anti-social serviced systems...

Veterans the shrew lawyer
did not care for,
and judged not worthy of any help.


Veterans judged by HIM,
not worthy of ANY help
from a United Way Agency ,
a Mental Health Association
of dubious and questionable tactics
and strategies of promoting
their own activist agenda...

(aided and abetted
by the local government representatives??

of a particular party of teatotalers...)

Despicable and Unconscionable malfeasance,
misfeasance and non feasance
of moral misconduct by
officers of the court and
supposed representatives of ALL the people,
of all the people,
by all the people,
for all the people,
or so help you God,

you will answer to the big guy in the sky...


© 2014 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged

© 2016 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged - 3/16/16

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