There is nothing funny, (haha), about the word rape.

( Or the unsubstantiated allegations

that use that one word for shock and awe value...)

Butt there are many funny (strange) things

about how people use and misuse that word...

Exploitation of the word RAPE

to get attention and emotional pathos

even when there is no evidence

to support the allegations...

The inherent gender bias of

she said he said, given a heinous connotation

even when a statue of Him-IT imitations and

statutes of limitations has gone by...

The words I AM waiting to see are,

mercenary stalker, and gold digger...

Fifty plus post menopausal women,

all being orchestrated by the rape ambulance chasers

looking for a plea bargain again, not justice...

Double Jeopardy of some with the

Women's Prerogative given

PI Prosecutorial Immunity,

and 'Victim Status'

of Victorias Secrets, paying off...

© 2016 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged - 1/3/16

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