Just thought I'd share a cute anecdote heard recently from a fellow veteran...

We were just talking about how Waly-Mart helps veterans with their hiring practices...

A recently hired veteran had a habit of always showing up 10-15 minutes late for his new job as a greeter at the Big Super Store somewhere in the Midwest...

The supervisor who had inherited this greeter decided to talk to him about this habit since several other employees had complained in various ways...

' Joe, ' the supervisor said,

'You seem to fit this job very well and many customers have praised you on your courtesy and demeanor, but some of your fellow employees find your lack of promptness somewhat disconcerting.'

'When you were in the military, what did your fellow employees say to you when you repeatedly showed up late in the morning?'

Joe thought a moment and said,

'They usually said,

Good Morning Admiral,

Do you want some coffee now...'

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