d2-CHRIS KYLE and ;;;Why are there no lawyers in heaven?


Q...'Why are there no lawyers in heaven?'
A...'Because there are absolutely no loopholes,
or wormholes, through time and space.'

(p.s. Judas was Jesus's lawyer,
and that explains a Lot, about his life of Job....)

The JAG of the US Navy,

buried the truth about Chris Kyle...

Such a disservice,

to the thousands of veterans, and their families,

who suffer for years, from the fallout of PTSD/TBI...

IT is is unconscionable...

(insubordination, substance abuse,

and assault while under the influence

of unknown substances)

I wonder why that is not in the news of 'The Legend'?

The Craft International Logo contains the words,



Tongue in cheek humor/ NOT/

that even, any Texas school,

would idolize that mantra.

And then the media wonders why there is such an increase in 'BULLYING' in our nation...

Maybe the Lawyers and Judges, Military and Civilian, should

GET A GRIP, on what is happening???

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Craft International Logo from the web
Craft International Logo from the web