STEROIDS, -viagra plus cialis--- AND THE NFL'S DEFLATED BALLS??? SERENDIPITY Now they all got a headache Speedy, Alka Selzer

Too many jokes yet to come I think...God does have a wicked sense of humor:) :)

Published on Jan 19, 2015

(Mediaite) There’s a bit of a scandal going on in the NFL today, with the league investigating whether the New England Patriots deliberately deflated the balls to give them an advantage over the Indianapolis Colts. CNN anchor Brianna Keilar discussed the issue with two guests, but the segment took kind of a weird turn. Contributor Mel Robbins said, “My first reaction was––I was just thrilled to hear that any investigation into deflated balls by the NFL––that it didn’t involve steroids and it was just about letting air out of an actual football.” Kevlar could barely keep it together as she made the observation. The investigation is ongoing and the punishment if it’s discovered to be true is as of yet undefined, but perhaps subjecting themselves to a series of jokes about deflated balls would be good enough.

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