IMAGINE: A direct initiative,
by public referendum,
to fund local shelters for homeless citizens,
veterans AND non veterans...

Shelter, food, and clothing for the poor...

And Yet, I believe, the local politicians
are more interested in punishing the poor
and vulnerable into
an enslaved state of submission
for survival...


From the movie 'The Alamo'

a quote by the Parson...

Smitty: So many times every day you stop and give thanks, but mostly I don't catch on what you're thanking the Lord for. I mean, there's nothing special.

Parson: I give thanks for the time and for the place.

Smitty: The time and the place, Parson?

Parson: The time to live and the place to die. That's all any man gets. No more, no less.


© 2014 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged - 7/26/16

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