repost---1. NO SOUP FOR YOU; G.I.---more than the $90/month



To the 120+ child support magistrates in NYS,,,,,

'How much does this government pay you to Harass, derogate, and disparage honorable Disabled veterans to death??????????????'

“I’ll bet it’s more than the $90/month it paid them to do their duty right or wrong.”

addendum: The biggest bullies of NYS, who badger, belittle, and berate veterans who sacrificed years of their life and more just to be treated like 2nd or 3rd class citizens with NO CIVIL RIGHTS. (No soup for you G.I.)

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated, even if you are associated with the wrong party left behind... Only the right winged righteous get soup today, because it's an even day, not an odd day???

========================================== Belligerent Bureaucrats who Bully and Begrudge a compassionate veteran who shares his blessings with other unfortunate veterans…(Badger, Berate, and Belittle) BBB the random acts of kindness of a totally and permanently mentally disabled veteran fortunate enough to get help from the VA by caring and compassionate staff, who knew there was something special about this star throwing veteran…A moral compass aligned with true north, and a life of north by northwest serendipity…high anxiety through a rear window...tbc-wip

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