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March 14
Looking into Life

I will look into rather than at life.
I will move toward the experience of love.
More than a sentiment, love is an energy.
Each living particle has the energy of
love and soul encoded into it.

Treating love as a sentiment traps
it into a thought or a feeling,
rather than allowing it to flow freely
through the waters of life.

Thinking loving thoughts or feeling loving feelings
helps to set up the mind or brain
to be open to the experience of love.
Thoughts and feelings open the door
through which love can enter and be present.

There are no barriers in the world of love.
The barriers we erect are created by the mind.
Love is.
Love exists as a fundamental energy
synonymous with soul.

When I look into the world through the eyes of love,
that is, when I experience life
while in a loving state of mind,
I see it differently.
My whole perspective changes
when I carry love in my mind and heart.

I look through the lenses of love.

It is only
with the heart
that one can see rightly:
what is essential
is invisible to the eye.

Antoine de Saint Exup...

© 2012 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad ( - 3/20/12

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