for my daughter. a girl interrupted, yet poignantly perservering with Amazing Grace---09/01/2012---11/11/2015


.................Beth Rowing

5/5/01; 5:30 am Melbourne; Indian River;

dark; partly cloudy sky; stars; morning star, (Venus),

dawn approaching, 8 rowers, ; coxswain.

The rhythm of eight hearts into one,

the heartbeat of a team.

I am in awe, with appreciation for so much.

I am absorbed with this awe,

of this appreciation; for this morning;

this moment; this life.

The emotional beat of oars,

into and out of the water,

this eight man crew of eight young women and coxswain,

the collective strength, the collective spirit.

Silence punctuated with the sound

of eight twelve and one half foot oars,

'Like scalpels making precise incisions in the water.'

The rush, of the almost silent sound

of the boat gliding through the water.

The unified 'click', of eight oarlocks,

as strength changes direction to accelerate even more,

this collective stream of consciousness,

this team's spirit through the water,

towards the horizon.

With diminishing darkness on one side,

and the ever increasing light of dawn on the other,


J. Howard Klice

(Published Rose Therapy 2006 MHACC)

© 2012 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad ( - 10/29/16

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