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February 13
Behavior Patterns

When I become aware of
destructive behavior patterns,
they can serve a wonderful purpose:

I can use them as indicators of
where my inner work lies.

Any situation to which
I have a constant over-reaction
is telling me something
about myself
that I need to listen to.

My first task is
to realize that
the reaction
is not fitting the circumstance,
then to sit with that realization,
and see through association
where it takes me.

No one knows my history
better than I do,
if I allow myself
to know it.

When I make the decision
to come into conscious awareness,
to find meaning in my life experience,
I begin to experience
my life as an adventure -
my adventure.

When I can raise the source
of the unwanted pattern
to consciousness
to better understand
where my pain or reaction stems from,
I can begin to see it
for what it is and
let it go.

Then I am no longer
repeating history,
I am making it.

I co-create my world.


The most terrifying thing
is to accept oneself completely.

Carl Jung

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