I mentioned earlier in a comment how I felt blessed to be the stepfather of three of my brother in arms children and also blessed by three children from our own marriage.

We used to use the term "biological" father,
rather than "real" father. (in speaking about my ex-wife's first husband.)

(but I have since rejected that.)

I knew I was a surrogate father at best,
but the amazing spirit of each of all six children
was a spirit all their own.

(And how little, I really had to do with it, their soul.)

Where does that kind of intangible spirit come from?

And where does it go?

You would not believe me if I told you, but I will anyway.

I believe, that the unique holy spirit in each of us, the DNA of our soul, is from our ancestors and friends of our ancestors. It is too complicated to write here now, but I will attempt to relate, some of what has been revealed to me, over the last ten years, about where the "soul" of my biological children is somehow linked to others who have passed on before. I realize this may be a little far out there for some who think only inside the conventional boxes, but I not only think outside the box, (or cube as it were), I think outside the trisoctahedron.

(of the Trinity?)

(think of it as a Rubik's cube to the fourth power in the fifth dimension... )

def--(Mathematics) a solid figure having 24 identical triangular faces, groups of three faces being formed on an underlying octahedron

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