AOP -A 33 1/3 LP with a 45 in a 78 rpm world.(Catch-223)part deux


The ten commandments of godless government, godless capitalism.

Representatives of the people
who can’t “keep” ten simple rules,
let alone commandments, of
simple truth, common sense,
decency, and conscience.
Public servants, who've figuratively,
"Spit-On" the rules, and moral ethics,
of our Fathers and Mothers.
(At all levels, all branches,all parties.)

Irrational Representatives madly amending and
manically adulterating the Constitution
by covetousness,
by false witness,
through adultery of law,
and the stealing by fraud,
assassination of character,
dishonoring fathers and mothers of our constitution,
blaspheming the moral ethics,
by their selfish hypocrisy of vanity by profanity,
of denial, failing to keep any Sabbath holy,
or any sanctuary of any religion,
disrespecting all the people, all the time,
putting idols, and icons of false gods and
hard-wiring by authority the common people
to worship their false profits, of false prophets,
of "OVER"paying as you go,
down the road of good intentions,
away from whatever one great
benevolent spirit anyone should choose to worship.

We are in it deep and in it bad.
Mammon rules for the wicked witches, wizards, of DCLXVI.
A Twilight Zone Wonderland of OZ.(Ostentatious Zealots)
De ce el ex ve eye.
10.covet by taxation until and after death
9. lie to CYA
8. adultery of their minds
7. to conceal a fraud is a fraud. All are guilty
6. kill all opposed
5. dishonor the dead
4. punish parents
3. worship their idols
2.5 curse those who believe
2. idolize false profits for false prophets.
1. false gods, generals, admirals, JCS, and CIChiefs corrupted
absolutely by super powers of a superpower.

"NOT"..It don’t mean nuthin’

A 33 1/3 LP with a 45 in a 78 rpm world.


© 2010 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad ( - 3/21/10

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