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Live your own life

Through your own eyes

Hold close your grandest

Vision of yourself…

Talk your own language,

Express your own soul,

You owe nothing to another,

Only yourself…

Be honest with yourself and your desires

Speak of your highest thoughts

Be all you held in your childhood dreams…

No one can take away your power,

unless You are the one to give it away…

Walk with your head held high,

So you can see everything clearly…

Decide daily who you wish “TO BE”;;

Create your own moments with wisdom;;

Carve out your future with clarity;;

Become your desires,

Expand your horizons;;

Leave yesterdays behind,

Run towards tomorrow;;

Change your mind often;;

Learn to flow with the river;;

Close your eyes;;

And let life take you…

Go where your heart leads;;

Never give up;;

Don’t believe that mistakes are

Destroyers of life;;

See them as Gifts for future success…

Dance on rainbows;;

Meet fairies;;

Sing with angels;;

And Always give thanks (thanx)

for the Treasure that is life…


Lynette Ann Lane…jbhb0317066

© 2010 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad ( - 11/4/16

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