8.Fallacy of Fairness: You feel resentful because you think
by 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged

# 1. 4/18/16 4:59 PM by albert 1
thumbsup.gif I learned a lot from Albert Ellis books back in the 1960s.

Editor's Note: Whoever said all is fair in love and war, probably had been through the hell of both...

# 2. 4/21/16 6:18 PM by BF
This is an excellent read.

It gives cogent descriptions of many types of thinking.

Editor's Note: I was introduced to these 15 styles of distorted thinking at Batavia, when I met you and Albert...2010 I think...

It was part of challenging ones' beliefs, (my?) beliefs, because many veterans distort, what they believe over time, and the warped memories become too painful to endure...

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