But the Mitch McConnell wing of the psych ward my party has become is wrong to pick this fight.
by 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged

# 1. 3/16/16 3:43 PM by albert 1
This almost seems like an 'insider's'column since a lot of readers might be unfamiliar with the Bob L website or his the recent column you are referring to.

They also may be unfamiliar with McConnell's intent to prevent Obama from having a second term that the lost out on or how he has influenced the Congressional Republican recalcitrance ever since.

Add all that to Bob's attempt to express his feelings about the Trump phenomena while continuing to defend his personal Right of Center philosophy Neoconservative philosophy.

The people seem to have had enough of politicians, especially of the ones claiming to represent the 'Real Republican' perspective.

Editor's Note: Even the far right ones, see the chinks in the Armor All???(Chrome Dome Polish)

# 2. 3/16/16 4:14 PM by amnesiac
i will get speared and trampled by the brownshirts...however, obama is playing his hand PERFECTLY ON THIS, the timing, the choice, and some repub senators with dicey re elections are already cracking! As a fierce proponent of naming a justice now, i could not have ever dreampt of such a wonderful play out to this theater of madness...repubs will be devastated by more than trump when the dust settles on this incredibly bungled decision.

Editor's Note: They are stepping in their own deposits of crapola...

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