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# 1. 1/6/16 1:35 AM by 104
Couldn't stand Michael Jackson, but absolutely loved that song from the very first time I heard it! Isn't that what the world tries to teach us from the very moment we are born? Yesterday as I parked the car to get ready to go shopping, Johnny Winter was on the radio singing "Still Alive and Well". I took a couple of minutes to listen to that song before I started shopping. It is one of my theme songs. What a difference it made to set the tone for the shopping experience that I had inside the store! And the rest of the day too...

Editor's Note: The movie, "FREE WILLY" has many positive connotations for me...

The sub-plot of the step-father, trying to understand the boy who had a connection to "a strange friend..."

In an abstract way I see this as an "E.T." type of experience with an Orca???

# 2. 1/6/16 8:12 AM by 104
I remember seeing the movie "Ben" where the weirdo kid befriends a rat and trains the rat to help him get even with folks who tortured him in his life. Sandy Hook? Then I think the rat turns on him and does him in as well! Jackson did the theme song for that movie. Song full of feeling. Was quite the animal lover with his pet chimp and all and his song connected with the movie's theme well! And quite the weird one in his own right.

Editor's Note: I remember "BEN" where the Rat had his day, and then attacked those who befriended him...

Sort of like PCP dosed rodents, in the sewers of the rotten big apple...

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