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# 1. 5/13/16 3:54 AM by albert 1
thumbsup.gif That writer asks questions that lead to others when answered just as the desires I have experienced lead to others when satisfied.

What I was taught and makes a lot of sense is that both of those processes are part of a larger process that continues in one until the end is attained.

What I have observed is that everyone does not reach this stage of the end of seeking or reaching further in this lifetime but the ones that do know it well.

To keep us on the right track we are often given small glimpses of that state of being called wisdom.

We see it, experience it and know it is what it is all about yet we also learn that in most of us it also does not last.

The memory does however encouraging us to seek it again and reminding us where it lies.

It is a good thing that we sometimes observe occurring in others as we sometimes see when gazing into a mirror which I have on good authority is a very good place to begin the seeking of it once more.

Editor's Note: This letter speaks volumes more to me than "AMERICAN SNIPER", where I stumbled across it...

# 2. 5/13/16 2:40 PM by Jay - OR
Thanks for posting this. I found in it many insights that spurred thoughts and emotions both good and bad, and overlaid with some wisdom. Of course, those insights, when part of my line of sight, are filtered through my lenses. Does that tell me more about me, or him? I notice a 2008 death. Was that service related?

Editor's Note: 2006 actually. Supposedly, the first SEAL to die in Iraq, coincidentally, after both Battles of Fallujah were in 2004...(2 years later) Near Ramadi, I believe...

# 3. 5/13/16 6:18 PM by lj - mm
thumbsup.gif Marc Alan Lee, who died when he stepped into enemy fire to defend his buddies in Ramadi, is the first Navy SEAL to die in Iraq. The Navy group is among the most elite and secretive forces in the U.S. military. Lee overcame hellish training and pneumonia to become a SEAL. He was brawny and boastful but spoke openly of his love of God and family.

Editor's Note:

# 4. 5/13/16 6:21 PM by lj - mm

Editor's Note: The mother of the first Navy SEAL killed in the Iraq War was on "America's News Headquarters" today to discuss the chaos in Iraq. Debbie Lee described the situation as tragic. She said she has been to Iraq twice -- in 2007 and again in 2010 -- and she saw firsthand the difference our troops made.

Mom of 1st SEAL Killed in Iraq War Talks Posted Jul 03, 2014 by Member 7186434

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