repost---What Kyle Bass said about the Veterans Suicide Epidemic
by 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged

# 1. 2/26/15 12:35 AM by Growel E. Bayher
John, I have made the decision not to post your comment to my column on Eddie Ray Routh.

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"Hmmm....something they don't have the capacity or stomach for? Humanitarian aid... Actually they are not qualified for that. That's classified, but common knowledge... ======================================= How many SEALS went to HAITI??? As for #5's comment. Maybe he knows something that Bob Lonsberry doesn't??? Or Brocco Bama or any of the know it all's who like to throw stones at a mentally disabled Veteran, unable to defend himself, and "tasered", in his cell to scramble if not erase his memory. That is what ECT does... ECT Texas Style Violent suppression of evidence and self defense??? All the vigilante's in the state of Texas can't change the torture that is now on the record... As a special kind of therapy, to denigrate a mentally ill veteran, "taken for a ride" by two good fellas out to set the world straight with violence... The other red herring is Ms. Palin, her husband and her son, and what they got into a fight over??? And the merry Black Widow at the Oscars... And then the acts of her own book, American Wife...???... Hmmmmmm "The Bodyguard' comes to mind... But then so does, "Mystic River" and "Deliverance" but the one I like best is "Mustafa's non violent revenge" "Just let G.O.D. sort it out..." Sooner or later they'll shoot their mouth off, or their foot in mouth, or their own pack of malicious lies, and hearsay malicious gossip, obtained, by coercion, blackmail, extortion, and intimidation... By the prosecution, before,, during, and after, the alleged event. No proof ever that there were not other parties out there, at home on the range... No brave people swimming in that Jury Pool either, methinks... Chickenhawks are them, who believe what is fundamentally impossible... But I forgive them. The denial of change of venue will become, a major flaw in the whole legal shooting match. Even with their daffy ducks in a row, they couldn't hit professional ethics from inside the courthouse... The axiom of "To avoid any semblence of impropriety" Actually the whole state bar and the attorney general of the state of texas are guilty of a breach of judicial ethics. No, they won't ever go to trial for that though. They have judicial immunity even for subornation of perjury, tampering with evidence, and the violation of a mentally disabled veteran's civil rights, under the federal, Rights of Disabled Americans Act, and that is an Act of Congress of the United States... I feel sorry for that jury, and all those officers of that court. Dead to rights, they have made themselves guilty in their own words... What juror wouldn't follow the legal advise of a special prosecutor??? Not if they want to live in that town full of bullies and bull lies... Craft International's Logo states this... "DESPITE WHAT YOUR MOMMA TOLD YOU..." "VIOLENCE DOES SOLVE PROBLEMS" Now I wonder if that was even C. Kyle's line or his higher ups? And the logo of "The Punisher" that should have been hung on the wall behind the judge's back... "The Legend" was not of Chris Kyle's making. The brass wanted some good PR Public Relations and built up an Image, that Chris Kyle had to live up to. That's what his verbal orders were...(I feel for Chris Kyle, and I would rather put the blame on the men that made him into something he really did not want to be...Just sayin' And the TAC.338 on his 4th deployment... Star of the show, and book, and movie...(After he had been diagnosed with PTSD by the prosecution's star witness on PTSD... Their first witness???) Strange how that all works out in a black ops set up and cover up??? Reminds me how they made the M-16 a miracle weapon, that jammed in the field...And many men died to prove its inherent value...So the makers and shareholders of that entity could profit. Even LBJ didn't know the extent of the subterfuge behind the M-16 lies hidden in the Pentagon Papers... And it's taken me 45 years to figure that lone star fiasco out... It has been a long day and I hope everyone is happy with themselves. especially Mr. Growel E. Bayher Apparently he is the WOTL authority on all things military and legal... And Chandra Levy's ghost who found out that the prosecution in Timothy McVeigh's trial knowingly and willfully withheld evidence from the defense, before, during, and after the trial... Jamie Brunette's suicide is very strange indeed, from an unknown anonymous source, close to Mr. Petraeus... The Benghazi Abortion that backfired in a Backdraft all it own..."

Editor's Note: Thank You for saving it. I realize it was hard to follow.

I should have stopped after the part about the seals not being qualified or capable of humanitarian aid... That's not part of their paradigm...HAITI??? maybe that didn't happen either...

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