crandom thoughts 03182008--- a lethal injection approved by evidence based studies under the auspices of forensic authority of a doctor who never spoke with the patient…
by 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged

# 1. 6/4/16 3:08 AM by albert 1
I might challenge you to provide a viable alternative to what you experience as being wrong with the way of life you have experienced.

Personally, when considering my own situation, I would never desire to go back in time and changing anything.

One wise person claims that we all have our own personal realities that I see as extending outward to infinity.

How all these independent realities work together to form the larger matrix many seem so critically unhappy about is a very fascinating process.

Editor's Note: Predestinations of fate and destiny are part of the big curves on the lost horizons of fringe science...

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