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Dean Layfield---WNY RACING LEGENDS---

Dean Layfield

By thebigdaddy

It was 1939 when Dean Layfield and his brothers Gerald and Conrad began racing and the sport has not been the same since.

Dean, the second of 10 children, started by running jalopies (cars with no roof, no roll cage and no seat belts) at Limestone and Steam Valley and became addicted.

That love spread throughout the close-knit Layfield clan with six of his eight brothers becoming involved.

While Herb, Rex and Bill all had lengthy, highly successful careers, Dean was most widely known.

Layfield’s career, which spanned 22 years, brought numerous track championships and 50 trophies from races at 57 tracks across the country to the Akron, Ohio native.

His biggest race was in 1958. Layfield took a car sponsored by Piersall Motors of Shinglehouse, put in a roll cage, kept the headlights and plates on and drove to Daytona.

Upon arrival in Florida, he removed the lights and tags and drove the same car in the last Daytona 500 raced on the old beach course.

The veteran racer proved that despite being from a small rural area, he could compete with the NASCAR big boys and their manufactured automobiles.

Layfield finished a respectable 12th in the race won by Lee Petty, father of Richard Petty.

After the race he put the plates and lights back on and went home.

He drove car No. 9/16th, picking the number since it was the standard size of most of the bolts on his first car.

Layfield ran on almost every track in the area, including Bradford Speedway which he helped the late Ray Schimp lay out across the street from the track’s present location.

In 1957, Layfield finished eighth in a race with Lee Petty and other NASCAR drivers at the Rew, Pa. oval.

Three years later, the driver’s career was tragically cut short during a race at Perry Speedway.

While trying to pass a lapped car, a rock was kicked up off the track, hitting Layfield in the head.

Layfield’s auto went off the track and came to rest on some railroad ties and was still running when rescuers reached the scene. He was hospitalized and died a day later in Buffalo.

Editor's Note: Lee Petty remembered by the good old boys of the Southern Tier small dirt racetracks in the sure wood forests of today...near Bradford Raceway Pa. and Stateline Speedway, Busti, NY...

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Editor's Note: Stroker Ace was born to race
He had a mean streak ten feet wide
A son of a gun with a taste for fun
And more than his share of pride
Take a dirt road curve with the Devil's nerve
And make a car dance across the mud
Haulin' shine was his regular line
'Til the track got in his blood

He was a real hot shot and he bragged a lot
But man, that fool could drive
Cause he loved the feel of
a steering wheel and the girls
with the bedroom eyes
And in a racing tight or a bar room fight
Old Stroker stole the show
A back street blazer and
a real hell raiser and a racetrack Romeo

Mama lock your daughters
up that wild bunch is back in town
And them little girls get frisky
when they hear that racecar sound
They bringin out the yellow flag,
somebody's brakes have failed
There's an oilslick on the inside
and a wreck along the rail
You better stand on it, Stroker,
cause a bandit's on your tail.

It's a downright joy
for a country boy
When he hears them engines moan
But you gotta hang tough
and it gets real rough
When you're out there on your own
Cause they'll push you around,
they'll knock you down
When you're up there against the wall
And you always know when an engine blows
That a man can't win 'em all
You could push that car
just a little too far
any Sunday afternoon
And if you break your neck
in some damn fool's wreck
they'd forget about you soon

But old Stroker Ace
was born to race and
it's worth all the trying
Just to drink champagne
in the Victory Lane and
to hear that concrete whine

Stroker get your dander up
this ain't no time to lag
You've got to make a lap up
if you want to take that checkered flag
Number ten is closin' in to even up the score
It's time to wave bye-bye
and put the pedal on the floor
You better stand on it Stroker
cause you're blowin' off their doors.

Blow their doors off, Stroker.
Stand on it, Son.
Ah, you good lookin' devil, you.

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