ptsd--- repost--- 'Little John The Soldier'
by 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged

# 1. 4/26/15 8:01 AM by BF
I really like this poem. Excellent imagery.

Editor's Note: This was one of the better ones I selected for a reading not too long ago...

Thanx for the kind comment.

# 2. 4/26/15 8:31 AM by BF
The same reading I saw in the video clip?

Editor's Note: Hmm. I don't remember... Maybe so...

Thanks for the kind comment...

# 3. 9/21/15 4:07 AM by albert 1
thumbsup.gif What's wrong with this picture?

I know John

John knows his reflection

Editor's Note: I adapted the Salvador the Soldier poem to use my nickname??? Paraphrased and edited from Salvadore, Late or Early by Susan Ciscernos...

Just a quirky quixotic free thought writing...

# 4. 9/21/15 5:29 AM by Albert 1
thumbsup.gif This column shows us a lot of how you want others to see you. As such I guess it could be considered a graphic bio.

Though far from complete if to be considered a comprehensive bio.

Some things are hard to communicate for lack of a common language or even an audience tuned in enough to 'get it'

Dont give up trying

Editor's Note: I added some pictures offhandedly...

The poem says a lot, but I say too much many times, and even confuse myself...

I need to edit more, and be concise, coherent, and cognizant of coordination and cohesiveness...

Content is good, but without cohesive, coherent, conciseness,

TOO MUCH, is lost;;;

to the imagination of the reader and the writer???

Lost in the space time continuum???

# 5. 9/21/15 7:20 AM by Allbert 1
thumbsup.gif When it's you writing and not just some bit of media that turns you on a lot gets said that may go over the heads of many but still mean much to me.

You come from a different place and may find it difficult to see your perspective as valid.

As long as you are reaching one of us I would say Right On!


Editor's Note: I need to take a little break...

One of my newer neologisms is

"cerebral flame-out"

to add to

"cerebral charleyhorse", and

"congestive brain failure"...

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