AOP -A 33 1/3 LP with a 45 in a 78 rpm world.(Catch-223)part deux
by 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged

# 1. 3/21/10 2:19 PM by albert 1
I wish Mamon and Moloch were false.

The problems resulting from their followers are unfortunately too real.

The Commandment implied they were real.

It was "Thou shall not have OTHER", not false gods,

Editor's Note: Mea Culpa. I get the false prophets, false profits, thing going and it carries over. M and M are "other"--(worldly? goods?)gods of destruction in a very loose nebulous comprehension of the multiple understandings of those words.

Worldly goods and their gods (idols), are less than the greater spirit of a greater realm in the universe..

still needs clarification. I'll work on it. Please don't take offense if I didn't articulate correctly. But I do think most of the time you get my gist when my thinking goes tangential and obtuse. I was not born on a flat earth, but I learned to kiss the ground, like a woodchuck under fire. And when I fly it is like a Goldfinch. Unpredictable ups, downs, lefts, and rights, like a corkscrew imagination from point A to point B.

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