ptsd-repost---REQUIEM FOR THE MASSES ---- 21PSFMD---05/27/2010
by 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged

# 1. 5/27/10 2:43 PM by BF
Wow. I had forgotten ALL about this song.

Thanks for knocking it back into my consciousness.

Editor's Note: One of my old favorites.

# 2. 8/29/15 11:03 AM by BF
I was ready to make the same comment as I did last time. Hehehe.

Love the picture of you with the child.

Editor's Note: Thank you for the kind comment. The picture is not one of myself, but a friend who served and died 3 years before I ever enlisted. He was like my guardian angel in many ways...

I will repost the column where I refer to him as, "The Unknown Marine"...

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