ptsd---repost---12/30/09----P.O.O.P. PERMANENT ORDER OF PROTECTION ( just to share)
by 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad---Alleged

# 1. 12/30/09 9:25 AM by Sabio
Does this POOP extend to your adult children as well? If so that's just weird.

It has been my experience that no matter what brain washing has been done, even when the children finally come to know the truth and realize it, there will be know vilifying of their mother.

They will happily avoid blaming her for lost years with you that they have no way of quantifying because they did not know that they lost anything (having not experienced it).

If you dare try to plead your case to them after they have become "self-enlightened" and finally have regular contact with you, your words will be met with yawns. If you press they will change the subject and ultimately avoid the issue.

Such is the future of the estranged father.

Editor's Note: Fear is the parent of cruelty.

I was made mentally ill by this warped distortion of justice, and my children have suffered mental health issues as well.

First do no harm. So I refused to recriminate, escalate, or exacerbate what those people in power, using the line, "In The Name Of The People Of The State Of New York" have done with their "good intentions" to my family. What child, of any age, wants to believe that their mother, would cause them harm for self absorbed reasons.(of mental illness).

The insidious nature of Munschausen Syndrome by Proxy s such that it goes against everything we believe in human nature.

Thanx for your comment. You are right. They have to figure it out themselves. But what a price they have to pay. Hurts me.

# 2. 12/30/09 9:31 AM by EMOTIONALWAVE
Either you did something so terribly heinous (which I seriously doubt) or you had a terrible lawyer. My suggestion to you would be to look up < >and find the person in your area to research all the law pertaining to your case. They are far cheaper than lawyers and work with the tenacity of a dog with a bone. If you were in Florida I could recommend a good one. If you are in New York, I could ask him to recommend one for you

Editor's Note: Thank you for your comment.

Both lawyers I paid to defend my civil rights, were friends of the court that prosecuted me. The first one did nothing as he was a friend of the opposing attorneys. The second one was afraid to defend a veteran. Why? I don't know. But he charged me $150/hr to ask a third judge, involved, to be relieved as my counsel. Which he was granted. Then I chose to defend myself "Pro Se"; which is a fool representing a fool ordered to appear in court with an outstanding arrest warrant for contempt of court for being obstinate before he got to court.

So from Florida, (during my 19th nervous breakdown), I wrote a motion for dismissal with proof of perjury and subornation, and the foolish faux pas of referring to the prosecuting attorney and her new husband as the "succubus" of the court. (because she was a public defender who referred the plaintiff to her soon to be husband for divorce action after representing our recalcitrant 17 year old son for assault and battery against his younger brother and his father, me.) The district attorney said he had a conflict of interest.(in Justice?)

But no matter the circumstances, I was, and will always be "IN CONTEMPT" for using that term which bruised the ego of the entire NYS Bar Association. (my heinous action? guilty I guess.)Just because "It" is true doesn't mean you can say it. ('IT HAPPENS")(or worse yet, write it and sign it.)

There is no freedom of speech for a common man in the new "UNIFIED" COURTS OF NYS LAW.(without a conscience)

I wrote to Senator Clinton, and Schumer, Atty General Spitzer, Gov. Pataki, and John Ashcroft and had no answer. (before 9/11)

I received the final divorce papers in Jacksonville, Florida on the morning of September 11, 2001 at about 8:30 A.M.

There is a longer story coming, as I am trying to write it fairly and accurately without too much venom.

Suffice it for now, to ask any lawyer what they think of

the Bradley Amendment,

The Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act,

And the exorbitant IMPUTATIONS of child support orders for the veterans made mentally ill by a group who refer to Vietnam Veterans as, "A Slam Dunk."

Ask any lawyer what they think about sending Deadbeat Dad letters to troops in Iraq and Afganistan, and garnishing their pay.

I have no doubts as to one of the biggest reasons for the epidemic surge in veteran suicides.

A growing industry of manufactured domestic violence for profit and plunder, right under our noses, and no one sees it coming, until it is too late.


Thanx John

P.S. Thanks for helping me be a little cathartic in my writing. But as in the previous comment, I cannot change what others think, I AM only the master of my own soul and clear conscience.

# 3. 12/30/09 9:40 AM by deep water - Lake Oneipeein
"No' to answer all your questions

did you ever try to get it revoked?

Editor's Note: The Bradley Amendment prevents ANY judicial remedy or appeal.

Thanx John

# 4. 12/30/09 1:01 PM by Alan
From reading your posts and responses I can only deem them to be very disjointed and hard to follow. Perhaps in you long-term and detailed involvement it makes sense to you but we, as readers, do not have the familiarity with the issues you have.

You have failed to offer any of the opposing reasoning that lead to the current situations in any way that we can understand. For example, why is it that your adult children have no desire to go to the court and ask that the Orders be revoked? Do they have any desire to see you?

Editor's Note: Thank you for your honest and appreciated constructive criticism of my lack of cohesive writing. That is what I hope to improve on by reading and writing here. Disjointed is a good descriptor. I also accept that I am sometimes obtuse and tangential. (please excuse by poor grammar)

Yes, I have failed to offer any opposing reasoning, because it is too painful to truly express all the circumstances, and at least my beliefs; in how an entire county bar association could overwhelm a simple man, railroaded by innuendo and confabulation of "supposed" and maybe "perceived", CRUEL AND INHUMANE treatment. by a preponderance of bias, and extreme prejudice.

Again. This is all like a first draft, or rather 5th draft that that needs to be polished for anyone other than me to understand it.

From your comment, I do know that, no; I realize now, that I need to write more slowly and concisely enabling any new reader to comprehend my writing of thoughts comprehensively, making each paragraph stand alone as an understandable comprehensive thought.

Thanx again

and especially the comment you made about why my children can't go to court without sending their mother to jail or driving her to suicide.

They lost their father because of the court, and they are still trying to help, or FIX, their mother. Sadly it is a toxic, co-dependent, enabling relationship, out of fear of maternal abandonment.

But your kind thoughts and constructive criticism are welcomed, and appreciated.

Thanx John

# 5. 12/30/09 2:23 PM by BF
Your situation certainly stinks.

As a woman and a mother, I cannot condone such actions by your ex (of course, without knowing all the circumstances, which, of course, are none of my business).

Rest assured, not all women or all attorneys are like the ones you stumbled across.

I'd like to echo Emotional Wave's suggestion not to give up.

And one think to keep in mind is that the court system isn't at ALL about seeking TRUTH; it is about RESOLVING CONFLICTS.

And if you continue to pursue it, perhaps your issue will find a better (for you) resolution.

(and no, I'm not an attorney)

Editor's Note: Thank you for your kind and true comments.

No, I am not opposed to all that the court does. But there are a few individuals who abuse the process. And yes, while homeless as a homeless Vietnam Veteran, I empathized with those unfortunate women I met and shared experiences with, who had been tortured emotionally by the "System".

It is just as emotionally devastating for a mentally incapacitated woman, (from JUST? causes and twists of fate,) to be "stripped" of her parental, "maternal", rights, without having a fair and competent legal counsel or due process.

I must show that side in my writing also. Statistically it happens more to men, but that does not minimize the tragic effect that injustice has on women also.

Thanx for your comment and your kindness.

May God Bless you, and may God Bless all those women and men I have met who have suffered for the sins of the court.

So as not to raise a religious issue, I will let that phrase stand as a figure of speech rather than as any kind of invocation or literal misinterpretation.


# 6. 12/30/09 3:54 PM by albert 1
Although never married I have socialized with a lot of ex marrieds who have decent relationships with their ex spouses ajnd have worked with their spouses for the benefit of their kids.

It was great to see that they on moved with their lives without the type pain you are experiencing.

From my perch it seems like you did not get well represented by your attorney but I also know that when more than one state gets involved in divorce cases things can really get rotten.

I didnt count the kids in the photo but suspect part of the solution to your ordeal will come from one or more of them.

Its very hard for me to imagine that any court judgement cant be dealt with from some angle. You may yet discover one. I would think between the ACLU and various veterans groups you will eventually find someone to help.

Editor's Note: Thank you for the kind comment. It truly is a tragic case that fate dealt me. But I hope to write the story in a way that reflects the kind of human dimension, from both sides that the court misses from the zero tolerance of biased letters of the law against the impartial spirit of the law.

Maybe the WOTL site will give me a chance to improve my disjointed ramblings and hopefully I can write a cohesive essay that I can share with my children someday.

Thanx for the encouragement John

# 7. 12/31/09 10:07 AM by BF
"Maybe the WOTL site will give me a chance to improve my disjointed ramblings . . ."

This is a GREAT place for such work. You'll find a sympathetic ear, a place to vent, encouragement of many types, and who knows? You may find a good friend! I know I have. Many writers current and former have become personal friends offsite. It could be the same for you, if you choose it.

We're glad you found us.

Editor's Note: Thank you for the reinforcement and encouragement. I know my writing is disjointed, obtuse, and tangential at times. But my writing has come a long way since October 2002, at the VA, when I was semi-catatonic, with aphasia and TBI. I welcome constructive criticism since my true goal is to explain my life, my actions, and my thoughts, to my children as a legacy of sorts. An autobiography from the heart and soul of their Quixotic Quasimodo of a Father, who was not perfect, but ALWAYS, did the best he could.

Thanx John

# 8. 12/31/09 3:55 PM by BF
"I know my writing is disjointed, obtuse, and tangential at times."

This may be, but I'm guessing that the more you write, the more organized your brain will become, and the more organized you brain becomes, the more organized your writing may become.

I don't know you from Adam, though, so I can't say for sure, but I spent a few years teaching academic writing, so I'll hedge my bet!

Editor's Note: Thank you for the encouragement. I realize I have a long way to go, but I am appreciative of being able to post a few of my writing here.

Thanx John

# 9. 1/5/10 12:17 PM by stepmomspen
thumbsup.gif Your former spouse is guilty of PAS, one of the most incidious forms of child abuse there is (and most destructive)

see the following sites:

Editor's Note: Thank You much. John

# 10. 4/26/14 8:29 AM by 104
One of my favorite lines of poetry, actually song lyrics, is from the song "Pale Blue Eyes", written by Lou Reed. "Thought of you as everything I've had but couldn't keep".

Each of us in our lives has things and people that we love and cherish dearly, for whatever reasons. And each of us learns that, at some time, we must move on. And sometimes that means having something in our lives that, for whatever reason, whatever cost, and at whomever's choice, we cannot keep. Things we love so dearly, things we are willing to even die for, to even kill for.

Every day I deal with the pain of those losses of my very own. But the thoughts of them remind me to cherish even more the very things that I have been allowed to keep.

The lyrics of another of Lou Reed's songs comes to mind - "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'". Reading them or listening to the song reminds me of the good things in my life that I still have. And that I still keep. And that I still cherish.

And it reminds me that there are others all around me that have even less. Far, far less.

Editor's Note: I have gone through the stages of grief, Pain, Anger, Denial, Bargaining, and Depression, and have finally achieved some level of Acceptance...

I will not, and need not go back in my life. I will maximize the positive memories and minimize the negative memories, and in each day I AM thankful for what the greater spirit has given me...

My creed, or mantra if you will today is these:




But some things you can never forget, although you may forgive...and to that I say "I DO"...

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