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Allen Wood

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Who cares what I write here?

I write here quite often to maybe hear myself think out loud. I want to hear what you think about what I think. I love the discussions that we have here. I like for some of you to find like minded Facebook friends from those conversations.

I want you to disagree with me but, if you do, please tell me why you do. Don't just send me a message saying that I am 'a dumbass Libertard' and then unfriend me. I find the whole unfriending process to be very interesting. When I write about Trump, my friends list will unvaryingly shrink by a few people. Oh well. I'm surely not going to do that.

There are several of you (out of 5000) who actually read what I write. I try to stay away from only writing about politics. I like to write about my home state, Georgia, and where I grew up, Milledgeville, Georgia. I find it so very interesting to read your comments and thoughts about what I write.

I write nothing particularly profound. I'm just more openly opinionated than most people. My opinions and your opinions weigh exactly the same. They are like assholes...everybody has one.

I worked in Washington, DC after my time in the Army. I worked for 7 years for a liberal senator from Indiana. I loved the work that we did and I grew to love the Senate as an institution. I loved the idea that Washington expressed to Jefferson that, “The Senate is the saucer into which we pour legislation to cool”. I met and got to know men like J. William Fulbright, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Edmund Muskie, George McGovern, Mike Mansfield and many more. I listened and I hope that I learned about compromise and principals.

I had developed a political sense long before that. When I was a boy I used to spend time talking with my Great Uncle Carl Vinson. Uncle Carl was a very powerful Congressman from Georgia. I was fortunate enough to be able to learn a few things from him that would be very useful later in my life in politics and in my adult life.

From my Uncle Carl I became a 'Yellow Dog Democrat'. I think by now most of you know what that. I know that there are 'Yellow Dog Republicans' out there too and I have no problem with that.

I was such a deeply believing Democrat that I learned never to refer to Hoover Dam. By God it was and always be Boulder Dam.

From these good men I learned that life did not begin and end with what I thought or with my opinion.

Today we have introduced religion into our politics. We have brought our religious and moral beliefs into the realm of things political. Politics is the art of compromise. When you introduce your moral beliefs into government and into politics there is no room for compromise. We now have to deal with moral absolutes; there is only one way to think or believe. There is no room to compromise.

That is our failing and we are living with the inevitable result in Donald Trump.


Allen Wood 8 hrs ·

Who cares what I write here?

I write here quite often to maybe hear myself think out loud. I want to hear what you think about what I think. I love the discussions that we have here. I like for some of you to find like minded Facebook friends from those conversations.

I want you to disagree with me but, if you do, please tell me why you do. Don't just send me a message saying that I am 'a dumbass Libertard' and then unfriend me. I find the whole unfriending process to be... See More

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4 shares Comments Gordon Smead Gordon Smead You are a 'kindred spirit.'

Like · Reply · 5 · 8 hrs Chris Gasco

Chris Gasco Right on.

Like · Reply · 1 · 8 hrs Mickey Hollis

Mickey Hollis Very well said. And the truth.

Like · Reply · 3 · 8 hrs Teri Kamaunu

Teri Kamaunu What a charmed life yu have enjoyed Mr.Wood. Yellow Dog Dem ere also. Like · Reply · 2 · 8 hrs

Michael Slusher Michael Slusher I'm with you, Allen! Like · Reply · 2 · 8 hrs

Roscoe Taylor Roscoe Taylor Allen ~ Always good to read your 'stuff' ~~ You a very good wordsmith & always make a lot of sense. This Australian Social Democrat enjoys your commentary. !! Like · Reply · 3 · 8 hrs · Edited

Clara Michelle Fox Clara Michelle Fox Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts, Allan! Like · Reply · 1 · 8 hrs

Nancy Gangemi Nancy Gangemi Image may contain: 1 person, text Like · Reply · 11 · 8 hrs

Donna Bird Cotter Donna Bird Cotter It is good to meet/hear the perspective of likeminded souls from The South, as there seems to be so few of us.... Keep sharing your thoughts & perspectives. I'm a little burned out with it all. From the blunder of Bush, to 8 years of redemption of 'a t...See More Like · Reply · 9 · 8 hrs James Terlemezian James Terlemezian I would sit at a bar and shoot the breeze with you if we ever crossed paths . No beers for me ,only drink a few every year . Anything else is ok except for scotch . Keep on truckin ! Like · Reply · 2 · 8 hrs Nancy Gangemi Nancy Gangemi Georgia peaches are the absolute BEST! Like · Reply · 1 · 8 hrs Georgia K Anderson Georgia K Anderson I friened you Allen because I like what you say, don't always agree but that's what it's all about. Keep on doing what you do. Like · Reply · 2 · 8 hrs Carmelo Ramos Carmelo Ramos You're aces on my book Mr.Allen!! Happy Easter to you and family god bless Like · Reply · 1 · 8 hrs Nikki Knight Nikki Knight !^*&*&! Trump. I know that now even people who voted for him blindly are now waking up and trying to figure out what they can do to get rid of him and our !*&!@ system. I never understood why people would. But why isn't the question we need to look for its what should we do now and how do we fix it. Change must be made with action. Trump and our political system as a whole needs to go down. It's all corrupt. Like · Reply · 6 · 8 hrs Mary Sircy Mary Sircy Trump has to go. The whole point of history is tracking achievements of people and society. His achievements are, so far, Peeling bananas with his feet. He needs to be caged, prosecuted, and jailed. His ignorance and avarice can cause our destruction. He is not worth dieing for. Impeach him, let his reign be a blip in our process. Let us learn the value of our democracy...and his impeachment. Like · Reply · 4 · 8 hrs Judith Arnold Resener Judith Arnold Resener Well said and I so agree with you...government's function should be to help the people, I love what Wellstone said about should be a noble institution, always looking to benefit people... Like · Reply · 5 · 8 hrs Donna Garduno Donna Garduno I like to hear stories about the south..tho actually I don't think I would ever visit there..It's still nice to know that yes there are democrats in the south..when you do right about politics I love your insight..anyway you seem like a really cool dude that's done a lot in his life.. Like · Reply · 5 · 8 hrs Gail Daly Gail Daly We are watching a train wreck while riding on the train. A sense of doom and dread lay before us as we know it will not end well. Like · Reply · 10 · 8 hrs Allen Wood Allen Wood Gail Daly...I agree with train wreck analogy. There are ways to get around the doom and dread you talk about. Reaching out to each other for support is always helpful. Talking about our fears and our ambitions is also helpful. We'll get there one day and hopefully soon. Like · Reply · 6 · 7 hrs Ann M. Schweers Ann M. Schweers Allen Wood Hope you're right Allen. This thing with North Korea is very worrisome. Two mentally unstable people--what could go wrong? Like · Reply · 2 · 7 hrs View more replies John Klice Write a reply... Stephanie Weber Stephanie Weber As always, well said Allen. Keep your posts coming. Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs Mary Lee Morton Mary Lee Morton I'm from Georgia and a Yellow Dog Democrat as well! Keep 'em coming! Like · Reply · 5 · 7 hrs Juliana Cooper Juliana Cooper from NC, went to the wonderful UGA for grad school, and literally have a yellow dog Democrat button that belonged to my Dad......appreciate all your posts, Allen....they always make me think. you're a good soul Like · Reply · 4 · 7 hrs John Klice Write a reply... Gregory Gregg Gregory Gregg 'They are like assholes...everybody has one'....I beg to differ republicans don't have one ..!*&!@ has to leave their body through words Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs · Edited Gregory Gregg Gregory Gregg up against gravity ( that they don't believe in) through the brain where it is magically transformed into a vocal utterance Like · Reply · 2 hrs John Klice Write a reply... Jimmy Fox Jimmy Fox Allen, I read what you write for a few reasons. #1, is that I like to read what thinkers write. #2, You can put into words what most of us just think. #3, I tend to agree with what you write. And while it's true tRump must go, he is but the mouthpiece for so many just like him. They all must go. #4 I think of you as a Brother from another Mother. Like · Reply · 8 · 7 hrs Mary Lee Morton Mary Lee Morton Did you possibly ever meet Tom Murphy? I knew him well and his family. They are fine people. Like · Reply · 1 · 7 hrs Allen Wood Allen Wood Mary Lee Morton...I have met Speaker Murphy man times. I loved him like a father. Like · Reply · 1 · 7 hrs Mary Lee Morton Mary Lee Morton Me too! Such a wonderful human being. Mike officiated my son and daughter in laws wedding. Like · Reply · 1 · 7 hrs John Klice Write a reply... Michael Ostlund Michael Ostlund I don't have to tell you what I think, you already know my friend. Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs Allen Wood Allen Wood Michael Ostlund...I always look to see if you have commented or 'liked' what I write. Your opinions and support is very valuable and I always treasure you input. Thank you for being a very good friend here. Like · Reply · 4 · 7 hrs John Klice Write a reply... Penni Evans Penni Evans Well said. And what interesting people you encountered. I believe in the foundations of our country and hope we can move beyond the partisanship but most importantly, get beyond the religious factions undermining our Republic and Democracy. Believe ...See More Like · Reply · 8 · 7 hrs Betsy Duncan Betsy Duncan Milledgeville? Where Flannery O'Connor came from? Like · Reply · 1 · 7 hrs Allen Wood replied · 1 Reply Terry Hale-Hicks Terry Hale-Hicks Enjoy reading your thoughtful words. Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs Kristina Ruehli Kristina Ruehli I read everything you write and I'll tell you why. Your experience and education show. There is an inner sufficiency in you that makes you quiet at your core.

Marilyn Monroe said that about Joe DiMaggio. Roger Federer, the great tennis player, has that quality and I am an ardent fan. My husband, the world's authoritative leader in his field and a great intellect, does. I know one when I see one. I pay attention to what they say and do. I might learn something!

Like them, you're a keeper. Like · Reply · 5 · 7 hrs · Edited Anna Ortiz Anna Ortiz You are real and your way of thinking is enlightening to say the least. We are all in a very new and rocky ride, still squirm when I read the trolls saying how well sofrito is doing. This experience for me has taught me self control in the political ar...See More Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs Jim Downie Jim Downie The problem with politics dictated by religion is, when confronted with facts vs faith, most religious people will choose faith over facts, which has gotten us into the mess we're in today!!???? Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs Janet Rankin Janet Rankin Your observation that mixing religion and politics reduces (even eliminates) possibility for compromise is quite thoughtful. It seems democratic compromise has definitely been set aside in recent years; not sure when the decline began. But I thorough...See More Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs · Edited Roy Martinez Roy Martinez Write on Brother Allen and Damn the Torpedoes ! Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs Diana Kline Diana Kline I look forward to your posts and insight, and personally..Id rejoice if Trump died tomorrow..I dont care how, I despise him and dont care who knows it. He'll NEVER be my president and I have zero respect for him or his supporters ..I love you much tho Allen Wood Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs Jennifer Pooley-Bonsall Jennifer Pooley-Bonsall DITTO!! Like · Reply · 5 hrs John Klice Write a reply... Patrick Walsh Patrick Walsh I care what you think! I care what I think! Keyword here is think! Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs Dave Davidson Dave Davidson I think I see less than half of what you write thanks to Facebook Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs Jennifer Pooley-Bonsall Jennifer Pooley-Bonsall That's so damn annoying isn't it? Like · Reply · 5 hrs John Klice Write a reply... Margaret Lillian WIlkins Margaret Lillian WIlkins I wont dump because of TRUMP. If i like a person i like them....not the President. Besides you are a good lookin' guy ???? Like · Reply · 2 · 7 hrs Don Thomason Don Thomason I agree with the somewhat profound observation about how injecting moral belief can be fatal for compromise. I now know more about you than I did, a richer sense of where you come from. Like · Reply · 2 · 7 hrs Joyce Judy Joyce Judy I love your second to last paragraph. I hadn't thought of it quite that way, but you're right. As soon as religion became part of politics, everything has gone to Hell in a hand basket. Like · Reply · 5 · 7 hrs Ann M. Schweers Ann M. Schweers I really enjoy reading your posts and I almost always agree with you. Keep posting! Like · Reply · 2 · 7 hrs Christopher Luczak Christopher Luczak the same USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier? Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs Allen Wood Allen Wood The very same Carl Vinson. The Navy broke with their 200 year old tradition of not naming a ship after a living person to name it the USS Vinson (CVN 70) Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs John Klice Write a reply... Mary Lou Rosenberger Mary Lou Rosenberger Thank you, Allen Wood. Your posts are always eloquent. I also love your second to last paragraph. I wish you were my president. Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs Christopher Luczak Christopher Luczak WOW! Way cool. 5th generation military myself. Grandpa worked at the charge if union relations but we surmise he was also CIA. brought defectors from Europe to the USA. Like · Reply · 4 · 7 hrs Cheryl Viuhkola-Pelletier Cheryl Viuhkola-Pelletier Love your posts. I'm a 67 year old FemiNazi (which I'm proud of) protested Viet Nam and for Women's Rights,. I'm a retired librarian...the first group targeted by the first Patroit Act after 911. I am furious that we are having to fight this battle, but will not STFU. We have to stop the GOP. Like · Reply · 4 · 7 hrs Jennifer Pooley-Bonsall Jennifer Pooley-Bonsall Like · Reply · 1 · 5 hrs John Klice Write a reply... Chris Beadles Chris Beadles Keep it up Allen. I always look forward to your writings. You are a voice of reason in a time when it seems like there is no reason! Like · Reply · 3 · 6 hrs Patty Stone Ramirez Patty Stone Ramirez I follow you because you always make perfect sense. Like · Reply · 2 · 6 hrs David Ciechanowski David Ciechanowski I always read what you write because I can count on it showing sound character, polite discourse, and often unique perceptions of complex issues. Like · Reply · 4 · 6 hrs Christopher Gaynor Christopher Gaynor Allen. I must confess that I today came across you and wondered why I had not read your posts before now. Well, I will be following you. Like · Reply · 2 · 6 hrs Alicia Serafina Alicia Serafina Thank you, Allen Wood for sharing part of your life's journey with us. I am fortunate to follow several very intelligent people on FB whose well thought out opinions and writing are a delight to read. Like · Reply · 2 · 6 hrs · Edited Marie Caya Marie Caya Allen, I have to say I enjoy calling you my friend, quite the honor. You speak passionately about many things that mean something to you and to the broad audience who listens. I feel that what you say makes a huge difference in my beliefs, some times c...See More Like · Reply · 2 · 6 hrs Rand Potter Rand Potter Radicalized liberal democrat....thats what I get called before the unfriending. Like · Reply · 4 · 6 hrs Carmen Beecham Carmen Beecham lot of innocent lives.... Like · Reply · 3 · 6 hrs Edwin C Young Edwin C Young I like to write to hear myself think too, sometimes. But I must admit it's been hard to think since November last. I find myself ranting more now than writing, and using four letter words too much, and always inappropriately. What t!^*&*&!uck? The other d...See More Like · Reply · 3 · 6 hrs Allen Wood Allen Wood Mostly I wanted my friends here to look over the posts and find others who might live close by and send a friend request. This election that we have coming up in 2018 will require all the connections that we have. It's always good to have like minded people close by for support and help. Like · Reply · 2 · 6 hrs Jennifer Pooley-Bonsall Jennifer Pooley-Bonsall Allen Wood I don't always see your posts cuz FB controls what you see but I was fortunate enough to just make a new friend. On your post asking where were all from. It feels very lonely being a Liberal in a Red state so I loved finding so many Floridians who share the same ideals. Thank you my friend?? Like · Reply · 5 hrs John Klice Write a reply... Danielle Gruszka Orr Danielle Gruszka Orr Allen I read your posts because they express exactly what I feel. Do not sell yourself short and screw the people who unfriend you. They were never friends to start with and you are better off without them. I find it hard to believe that there is someo...See More Like · Reply · 5 · 6 hrs Becky Davis Stewart Becky Davis Stewart It's your page. You're free to express your self. Glad to be your friend. Like · Reply · 4 · 6 hrs Dennis Manyen Dennis Manyen I myself love reading the thoughts of an intelligent and well spoken person who can see things from both sides. I may not like everything said but can understand things I don't like from the other side. But what really got me following you was or is your travels. Most exciting wish I was able to do the same. Good to be friends with you. Like · Reply · 3 · 6 hrs Arlene Cotter Halloran Arlene Cotter Halloran I care what you write because sometimes your voice is the sound of reason in a world gone crazy. Most of my friends are liberal democrats but I have a few family members who are republican and it makes it difficult when things are going as badly as th...See More Like · Reply · 2 · 6 hrs Phillip L. Lott Phillip L. Lott North West Georgia here and 43 years in a labor union so you know why I'm a Democrat. I actually voted for the Bushes and Nixon for pulling us out of Viet Nam (Watergate baffled me, I had always figured they spied on each other anyway) but later I real...See More Like · Reply · 3 · 5 hrs Freida Short Garrison Freida Short Garrison Allen, trump is not the only result/President unfortunately elected because of the introduction of religion into politics. Many get hung up on the abortion issue. What they do not realize is that there are fewer abortions when Planned Parenthood is fun...See More Like · Reply · 2 · 5 hrs Pearl Thompson Pearl Thompson Allen love your post and I always agree with you 100% Like · Reply · 1 · 5 hrs Allen T Coffey Allen T Coffey So true. Even Barry Goldwater saw the danger of mixing Religion and politics. Like · Reply · 3 · 5 hrs Beverly Dunn Hill Beverly Dunn Hill we are going to need to share and keep up with all the info- congress etc tv media does not do it so it is up to us Like · Reply · 4 hrs Larry Batchlor Larry Batchlor Hey Allen, I read your aforementioned paragraph and I must say that I am impressed. Having said that, it is not ironic that I will probably agree with most everything that you say, however it is rather refreshing to know that when I don't that I know that it will be a logical argument both ways and that we won't 'unfriend' each other because of it. Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs Alice Vernoux Alice Vernoux Ive been enjoying your posts since a friend introduced me to your sane and rational posts. I tend to read every word and enjoy your travels (I grew up with a fishing pole in my hands as soon as I could see over the gunnels) as well as your opinions. Please don't stop, you and my morning coffee are the best things these days. Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs Brent J Jatko Brent J Jatko Keep it up. As another person typed above, even Goldwater saw the danger of importing religion into politics. Like · Reply · 2 hrs Tom Dworak Tom Dworak Thank you Allen Wood . Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hrs Ross Andrews Ross Andrews I often think about the damage that the moral majority has wrought on our country. Back at that time I was a moderate republican and I helped to elect Jim Jeffords. My wife worked for Robert Stafford. Now all of the moderate are gone. Compromise is equ...See More Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hrs · Edited Ronnie Ratliff Ronnie Ratliff Trump is a product of Reagan's GOP. Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hrs Raul Garza Raul Garza Reading one posts have an impact on (me) some. It shows (me) some the kind of person one is. I have alot of respect for ALL who have served this great nation. I thank You Sir for your service an comradity. I'll be on here waiting to read your post with the upmost respect. God bless You Allen Wood. Like · Reply · 1 hr · Edited Tracy Rae Dunlap Tracy Rae Dunlap Your posts are well thought out. I agree with much of what you say. Proud to say I haven't unfriended anyone due to a political or religious persuasion.

Born and raised in West By God Virginia. Mother's family worked in the mines. Father's family wo...See More Like · Reply · 58 mins Pam J. Reichel Draper Pam J. Reichel Draper It's a relief to find a more liberal forum of educated postings than be subjected to the mind-farts expelled by the hypocritical 'Christian' conservatives who reside in this red city. Like · Reply · 40 mins Glenda Farrar Camp Glenda Farrar Camp Allen, you're the real deal, a kindred spirit from the South, and a fellow Yellow Dog Democrat as well. Who could ask for more? It is so refreshing to find someone who shares my political beliefs. It is certainly a plus that you write so eloquently. Yo...See More Like · Reply · 16 mins Dave McArel Dave McArel Allen, I enjoy your non-political postings; however, I've always admired your passion to express your feelings, even when they're polar opposite of mine. I've learned to just scroll past the ones that I disagree with and look forward to either your tr...See More Like · Reply · 11 mins Michael E. Miller Michael E. Miller I come from the mostly red State of Ohio, so any left leaning conversation is always welcomed by me. I agree with the inability of today's political arena being able to compromise. I don't see any other way to move forward, or 'progress' without it. We...See More Like · Reply · 10 mins Ayim Oroxco Ayim Oroxco Allen Wood I read all your post.

Personally my favorite pics are your traveling adventures to Latin America or just camping. I unfriended several people from facebook, but I talk to them to them outside the blog. They know my feelings, so it's better to keep conversations about other subjects.


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