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When I look at the stars at night
I see her constellation in brilliant light.
Her shining little stars number six,
and she helps me, when I Am in a fix...

Every Thanksgiving she is there,
A Queen to the farmer in the dell.
My Uncle William Tell overture,
Everything of which, I AM not sure...

And on every Veteran's Day
I see her face,
The kindest woman,
in the warmest place.

She who hugged me in 1971,
And welcomed me home,
At a really sad time,
When I really felt alone.

I was lost, and confused,
and had nothing to lose.
She gave me hope and faith,
Her charity of soul gave me strength...

One of many angels who touched me,
like so many stars in the sky,
Selflessly giving me platonic love,
So that miraculously, I would not die.


Amazing Grace I see in thee...
Helped me to feel free...

© 2012 3D Divine Deadbeat Dad ( - 3/20/17

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My Aunt Diane, A Princess of Inner Light