by Rick Garvia

# 1. 3/20/17 6:47 AM by lj - mm
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed this column immensely...axm

Editor's Note: Thank you

# 2. 3/20/17 7:12 AM by Nick
When retirement comes it will be so nice to look outside on a snowy winter's day an know I don't have to go to work. And on those kinds of days, my sweatpants will also stay on all day long....

Editor's Note: I do not miss working outside one bit. Now if I could just bite the bullet and have somebody else plow my driveway, the last of winter's problems would go away for me.

# 3. 3/20/17 7:21 AM by Gates Mom
My kids have been loving the days off from school.

Is the reporter you're talking about on channel 10?

Editor's Note: I'm out of touch with snow days. Are the kids going to have extra days tacked on in June?

10 it is. I think this is the Fox effect, where female news anchors suddenly feel as if they have to layer on makeup with a putty knife, including fake eyelashes that are at least an inch long.

# 4. 3/20/17 11:02 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
I "shoveled" four HARD hours on Tuesday and another four on Wed... resigned, but grumbling most of that time. That even includes an aggressive run with the 8-horse Snow Blower. But I think we got less than you did! ... maybe a mere 18 inches. It was that heavy, sugary snow, where wind pulverizes the flakes into microscopic granules that compress into ice-sand. Today I celebrate Joy Spring! Tom

Editor's Note: Flat out snow, not drifts, measured 27" in my backyard. Some driveway drifts were well over the mouth of the big Ariens. On the plus side, it was fluffy(ish) and not wet, so it was easy to clear. I have a cab on my snowblower, so the blowing snow didn't bother me.As of this morning, there isn't a speck of snow on the driveway.

# 5. 3/20/17 1:09 PM by mk
Wow, sweats for the entire day? I would have never thought. :) Great report and I loved the title. I am thinking the Milo report could be a regular sub- column. lol

Editor's Note: I used to write more Milo-centric stories. I need top get back into that.

# 6. 3/20/17 1:40 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater
Yeah, my (gravel) driveway is nice and naked now. And maybe, just MAYBE... this is the end of it for ~this season~ ? Tom

Editor's Note: My neighbor has a gravel driveway. He goes through about a dozen shear pins each season.

I honestly don't plan on snow blowing until next winter. I've even taken out the snow stakes. Positive thinking.

# 7. 3/20/17 7:37 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater
I finally bought the shear pins in Quantity $$$. They just look like a 1/4-inch stem with a thin region (where it shears). A cheapskate would replace that with a 1/4-inch bolt. NOT smart! Sheared no pins this year or last! I laughed to see one taped to the bottom of the control panel, when it was new. I'm SURE they hid it there for when they get irate calls that one side of the auger stopped working. "You will find a pin taped under the panel, drive the broken one out and put that in its place... and BUY MORE!" It's still annoying to replace... in the middle of a snow storm. And snapping them must still hammer the gear box pretty badly? Nice to have a home shop… Pin punches, ball-peen hammer, wrenches, squatting down in the snow, talking to self. A man’s work is never done… Tom

Editor's Note: I have 2 pins zip tied to the frame. What I don't have is a heated garage so I can replace the broken pin. How come they never break in June?

# 8. 3/21/17 6:05 AM by 104
I bought six shear pins last time. Backups for backups for backups. Our "level" snow in the yard was 20" deep. Drift in front of the house over 3 1/2 feet. Almost 3 foot drift on entire roof. I am located between North Gates and Gates Center.

Editor's Note: It was sort of a fun snowstorm. Haven't had one like that in a while.

# 9. 3/21/17 7:25 AM by 104
First Robin of Spring crossed the street in front of me yesterday. Plump and fat and ready to lay eggs. Have not yet seen nor heard the returning Canada Gooses yet. Soon they will be back blocking the roads everywhere. Last year they came on buses to shop at the malls. Cauliflower shortage in Canada last year sent a head of cauliflower there to $8 CDN. Worse in communist Venezuela - shortage of flour and bread. In Russia they have plenty of bread but it has a curious green tint to it from the moldy flour. That way they get their doses of penicillin. I think nowadays when they see a Robin in Venezuela they eat it. Goes good with a fresh cup of crude oil. And Cuban cigars.

Editor's Note: The geese land on the ridge of our neighbor's roof. It's hysterical to see a bird that large sitting on a roof.

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