ON AUTHORITY a repost, with comment on the LDS-repost

A quote by Alan Ashley Pitt

Mormon's seem to have an extra measure of respect when it comes to authority. They claim an agency to impose authority that I can agree with if boundaries are established that do not extend this authority beyond the limits of their own church membership.

When Mormons or any other religionists for that matter claim agency from God to interpret His intentions and desire government to be an extension of this agency, then whether or not they admit it, they are seeking a Zion on Earth or a theocracy by the best dictionary definition of the word. Some of Chrustians of course  will deny this claiming that Islamic governments are not obvious Theocracies. The words theocracy and Zion differs with how a dictionary or encyclopedia defines them.

Since my own liberally oriented philosophy considers the American Founders intention not to link religion as defined by one church or religious philosophy with government, I offer Alan Ashley Pitt's interpretation as to the proper role of authority...

If governmental authority is the result of an agreed upon social contract then I might respect it. This is the case with the Constitution and it's Amendments. 

____________________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The following essay is the work of Alan Ashly Pitt

Authority is the power to impose

external order on men's lives.

The power is only as great as fear

or respect makes it

The difference between fear and

respect is the difference between

tyranny and authority

Respect for authority implies trust

in and obedience to its judgements.

Never respect authority which is not

of itself, worthy of your respect

For obedience for its own sake is insanity.

If you obey authority out of fear

you are as culpable for its abuses

as though they were your own.

But if you obey authority out of

respect , you are adding to the

peaceful order of life itself.

© 2004 albert vallone - 3/30/16

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