Large Windmills Again Dot the Countryside

An Update of an old column PLUS !!!!

When I wrote the column that follows this intro the large windmills that now are springing up all over New York counties were only a gleam in some futurist's eyes.

Spanish Author Cervantes anti hero once battled the windmills of old for one reason or another.

Will a twenty-first reincarnation of Cervantes hero rise to battle the modern monstrosities that promise clean electricity at a higher cost as they stand as examples of how to do less with more.

Many people will profit by this new industry of clean energy and many have already including Al Gore who saw the writing on the wind years ago.

Will these windmills fade and rust at some future date when another source of power gains prominance or will we see thousans of them were just a few stand now?

now back to my original column that inspired this update

I am posting this with a question or perhaps comment of how I see many WOTLers who take various zealous positions on Politics or Christianity.

Note well, I said "seemed" foolish not was foolish as I dont claim to see any one of the three as actually foolish.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Having posted this reference to the Spanish classic with no comments being generated causes me to be curious as to how many of you recognized the name Sancho Panza, who was the anti-hero in the Spanish classic, Don Quixote.

In the story, his effort to change things seemed fruitless and very foolish due to the mismatch of one person against the large windmills he took on as he charged them with his lance...Yet he persisted.

Did you guys recognize the name or just did not care for the posting's content?

An inquiring mind wants to know.

© 2004 albert vallone - 10/16/13

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